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USSR Invades Sheepshead Bay!


With a headline like that, I’m sure plenty of Sheepshead Bay old-timers are groaning, “Duu-uh! Old news.”

But we’re not talking about the influx of immigrants from the former Soviet Union. We’re talking about a new bar and restaurant at 2817 Coney Island Avenue called USSR. Or, perhaps, Back to USSR, depending on how you read the sign:

I’ve got to admit, on first seeing this I said to myself, “Man, that’s foolish. Way to tell non-Russians they’re not welcome.”

But after getting a closer look at the sign, and seeing they replaced the hammer and sickle with chicken Kiev and kielbasa, designed the communist red star using caviar, and wrapped the whole thing in bread and sturgeon, and underscored it with a blini – well, these guys have a sense of humor, and I look forward to checking it out.

Welcome to the neighborhood, USSR!

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  1.  I can’t stand Russian cooking. Hope you like meat with chunks of fat, and everything else salty and pickled.

  2. it just so happens I was eating lunch today in the Bagel Store on coney Is. ave,next door to the USSR. So I saw this USSR as I passed by. Now,I don’r know how well this restaurant will do, but right across the street from the USSR(not open yet) is a restaurant called the Marquis Cafe, which is booming. Customers are filling the inside and the sidewalk tables.

    and next door to the USSR is a bagel shop,also doing very well, in spite of the rising prices, no free pickle with a sandwich($7.50) but includes a can of soda.However, if you want a cup of tea or coffee instead of canned soda, the answer is NO!

    In fact this bagel shop has a pretty unfriendly attitude. they do not clean the floors,refused to turn off the blaring radio and TV,either one, do not have a public restroom,even though there are tables to sit down and eat.

    Back to the USSR, they may just be looking for attention, since they are on the fringe of Brighton Beach, little Odessa, where people can eat without being propagandized with a meaningless sign. the USSR is history, and so will this restaurant be, if they have the same kind of attitude as the bagel shop next door, or the provocative sign suggests.

  3. I used to live near the Russian restaurant that was on Emmons Avenue, next door to Cappuccino on the Bay (the name I think was saria?).  There were 2 aromas which came from that place – charcoal and a whole lot of garlic.  I love the smell of charcoal, and garlic also when it is used in normal amounts.  This place made my eyes tear with all he garlic that they used.

  4. Chinese restaurants throw there blatant racism all over the place and we still eat it like crazy…but then again I find asian girls sexy and think russians ruined Sheepshead…Hmmmmm,tough…I think if they have a vodka lunch special they will do OK despite me booing them from the bagel store that don;t give free pickles.

  5. I have been to every Russian restaurant in Brooklyn during the early 2000’s and always thrown up red beet juice afterwards.It might of been the enormous amounts of cheap vodka mixed with Hennessy shots but I still do that,just did that at Applebees today….no beet juice all over my floor

  6. They should have big screens playing Yakov Smirnoff comedy routines and Rocky IV. I generally don’t care much for Russian food and find it extremely bland but I’m always willing to give things another try, and this place looks like it has a sense of humor with that logo, so I’ll give it a whirl when they open.

  7. The imagery/”theme” is sickening to me.  And I was born in the Soviet Union. Hope this place fades away quick like the 2 last restaurants that were there before it.

  8. Place deserves to be visited just for the sense of humor. I’m not much for Russian food, but I’m going to go there, maybe bring my T-34 tank model.  Nah, I don’t own one, but I’d like to!

  9. Call 311 and they will direct you to the right agency to report this.  This is a health hazard and if this is all true as you report and I do believe you.  This bagel shop should be shut down.  Certain people think they can open a business and do anything they want to, even if it against the law.  

  10. People…when you referred to Russian people are you just generalizing the population that comes from Soviet Union…for simplicity purposes. So called “Russian” soviet people very well can speak 3 languages its all deepens on the individual…native language, Russian language and English language….so there my 2 cents

  11. Judging from above, it would appear that they don’t speak English anywhere near as well as they speak the other languages.

  12. For ‘simplicity’ purposes, if the Hammer & Sickle was your national flag at one point, yea, a Pinko is a Pinko. Hm? There are plenty of real Americans who are tri-lingual as well, so I’m not sure why you threw in that 2¢-multi-language comment.

  13. I see that people that put their coments have nothing to do better then just talking about place. Dont be jealous get your own place and name it the way u want it. Back to USSR its just a name which is funny. And there is a song about it as well. Good job guys. Good luck.

  14. The owner of this place is an old family friend of my father. I trust the guy to put out some quality food. I havn’t been there myself yet but I can’t wait to go try it out.

  15. I can’t think of a thing that would make me want to go there, really. Two excellent Uzbeki eateries nearby, run by God-fearing Bukharians. A chance of a snowflake from above the Red Square military parade on the 7th of November..– in hell.

  16. Why so much negativity ? The name of the restaurant is humorous , and food shouldn’t be judged by the cover. Be a little open to change, people.

  17. Inter’er klassnui!!!Kuxnya-yjasnaya!!!! Xozyaevam ydachnogo biznesa,oficianti klassnie!!!No ya v USSR ne xochy-ni po jizni ,ni v restoran!!!

  18. To those who don’t know what the hell they are talking about. This place is amazing, nice decoration, delicious food and most of all very nice owners. I suggest instead of talking nonsense people should go and visit this place, or dont leave your comments if you have nothing good to say.

  19. after reading all the crap about the place I actually wanted to visit it. the place is amazing and has a good atmosphere, nice people, high class, and people that know how to meet customers needs. I absolutely loved this place. it’s definitely the best I have ever been too by far. I highly recommend it to people who know quality rather then quantity. Super job guys. Good luck.

  20. Wow ! Wow! Wow! So many jealous people in here. How can you say something bad if you never been there. I had a chance to come there. Its a real nice place. Good food, awesome interior, good service. Finally something new and nice in town. Good job guys. Good luck . Will come there again for sure!!!

  21. Uzbek food is so cheap that’s why u can’t afford normal place. btw all this uzbek places known around normal people as a places for welfare people )))

  22. To all the morons who discuss food: — F.Y.! Restaurants are not about chewing, it is about having good time with good drinks, good music and GOOD COMPANY OF FRIENDS. (Sure, good after-drink snack do not hurt…). I’m not sure it is available in this restaurant but it better be, because I gonna visit it this Saturday.

  23. I realize it is silly, but I actually go to a restaurant for the food. Why would you go to a restaurant for anything else ?

    Leave the drink and good music to the clubs and bars.

  24. Respectfully, you must be full of BS – not “beet juice” to be telling this nonsense. Or, just maybe, your stomach is hot healthy, so you should resort to eating only light diets, but it still has nothing to do with any restaurants. Some “Russian” restaurants are very good and some are not. But NO ONE ever had any “beet juice” issues like you described. So, stop talking nonsense.

  25. Are you sure you ever tried any actual “Russian” cooking? What you’re saying sounds like you never did. Try to talk of things that you are actually familiar with.

  26. sounds like you can’t stop talking about things you have no actual knowledge of. For instance, who told you that there are any actual “Russians” in Sheepshead? Sure, there are some “Russian-speaking” people there, but who the heck told you they are “Russians”? Do you also believe that every Spanish-speaking person comes straight from Spain? Maybe you think that every English-speaking person is from England? You probably do. Therefore, would you be so kind as to keep your misinformed comments to yourself? Thank you.

  27. Sound like this “forum” consists of nothing but weak-minded underage BS-talkers who just can’t help but express their “opinions” about things they know nothing about. But then again, this is Brooklyn. It’s full such “people”.

  28. This is the kind of comment expected from an online loser troll. Are you sure you’re not missing school again, boy?

  29. FINALLY, someone posts a comment that makes sense. Thanks.

    Besides, this is not a real dramatic “change” that someone should be open to. This discussion is about a restaurant that serves something OTHER than pizza, cheeseburgers, fries or subs. Duh.
    So, some people here sound like they could hardly afford a Mickey D’s happy meal, so they are jealous of those who does go to the actual restaurants.
    Again, thank you for a thoughtful comment, Steve.

  30. This is not really silly of you to be saying that. However, there are “restaurants” and there are just “eateries”. Either way, an eating place (even if it is a fast-food joint) should look and smell nice, it should have positive people working there. If a place is trashy and full of angry, moody workers, then I would not go there even if food there was free.

  31. Interesting you should pick an article 1 & 1/2 years old to comment on, thus bringing it back to Page 1. Is business slow?

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