Southern Brooklyn

User Photos, Videos: Damage In Sheepshead Bay, Marine Park And Elsewhere


As in Manhattan Beach, Hurricane Sandy pummeled the Sheepshead Bay waterfront. We had hoped to get out take some photos and video of our own, but spent all that time sorting through the enormous volume of user-submitted items we received. And, anyway, these guys and gals captured most of the things I had planned to get photos of.

Thanks to Danil Rudoy, Jane Stern, Alex Morozov, Jewly D, Thomas LoPinto, Yelena Ostrovskaya, Emily Braunstein, Andrey, Amanda Ardito, zvi greenspan, Lev Feldman,, Michelle Shalmiyev, Daniel McGowan, Kristel Simmonds-Cobb, Eric Dwyer, Daniel Rubin, James Chen, Ruth Gottesman, Lev Feldman, Kelly Bridwell, ken.jets, Eugene, Allen Friedman, Dmitry Epshteyn, Michelle November, Dmitry Epshteyn, Issabella vinokurov, Mia Aginsky, Andrey Smorgunov, Mike Star, Michael Yuryev, achiko88, Skblaugrana10, Baawsman and Avtandil Tsertsvadze for the submissions.

As for me, I need to go pump my own basement out. This will be it until later in the evening or tomorrow.

Good luck, and best wishes.