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User Photos, Videos: Damage In Sheepshead Bay, Marine Park And Elsewhere


As in Manhattan Beach, Hurricane Sandy pummeled the Sheepshead Bay waterfront. We had hoped to get out take some photos and video of our own, but spent all that time sorting through the enormous volume of user-submitted items we received. And, anyway, these guys and gals captured most of the things I had planned to get photos of.

Thanks to Danil Rudoy, Jane Stern, Alex Morozov, Jewly D, Thomas LoPinto, Yelena Ostrovskaya, Emily Braunstein, Andrey, Amanda Ardito, zvi greenspan, Lev Feldman,, Michelle Shalmiyev, Daniel McGowan, Kristel Simmonds-Cobb, Eric Dwyer, Daniel Rubin, James Chen, Ruth Gottesman, Lev Feldman, Kelly Bridwell, ken.jets, Eugene, Allen Friedman, Dmitry Epshteyn, Michelle November, Dmitry Epshteyn, Issabella vinokurov, Mia Aginsky, Andrey Smorgunov, Mike Star, Michael Yuryev, achiko88, Skblaugrana10, Baawsman and Avtandil Tsertsvadze for the submissions.

As for me, I need to go pump my own basement out. This will be it until later in the evening or tomorrow.

Good luck, and best wishes.

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  1. Thanks for the pictures and videos. I spend my summers in hometown Sheepshead Bay but am in Austin, Texas the rest of the year.

  2. I would like to thank all who took these pictures and videos for sharing with our community. Hard work in stormy weather. Born and raised here I can not beleive the sadness in my neighborhood. It brings tears to my eyes. Sheepsheadbits the best blog going. Also a lot of information you can find right here on sheepsheadbites.

  3. Maybe Sheepshead Bites can set up a thread for people to ask for assistance in cleaning up and people who want to volunteer can help? The thread where people are asking for info seems to have worked well.

  4. I’m heartbroken about Masal and other businesses that I love to go regularly. I would love an update about other businesses on Emmons – Yiassou, Randazzos, Fornetto, Istanbul…..Would it be possible to post some info on the prospects for other businesses that were effected by Sandy? The Facebook page is a great idea!

  5. OMG!! I could just cry. I just left Brooklyn (I am a former new yorker) on Friday to go back home to Califonria and cannot beleive the damage!!! All I keep thinking is, I was just there and the Sheepshead Bridge was intact……. Thanks for posting all the videos and pictures.

  6. I also want to thank all those who took the photos & videos & shared it. My family lived in Brighton Beach & Sheepshead Bay for 85 years. I moved abroad 40 years ago & it breaks my heart to see what my fellow New Yorkers are going through. All my childhood stomping grounds are flooded & broken. I particularly feel for the elderly, of whom there are so many in those neighbourhoods.

  7. Did anyone else end up watching Arosha’s first barber visit??? Second video from the top; after the emergency responce video ends, this one comes on automatically. How adorable <3 It deff bought a smile to my face after watching all the destruction videos šŸ™‚

  8. Is there anyway that the damage to the homes in the Emmons Avenue area of Sheepshead Bay can be made more public. There are so many small courts that line that area with one level bungalow size homes that were devastated by the storm and still remain a ghost town due to no electricity thanks to Con Edison. I wish you could contact and go to Lake Avenue and Stanton Court, Lincoln Terrace and Greenlawn and show the damage and talk to the home owners that are now dealing with flooded homes due to broken pipes. Sheepshead Bay became the forgotten neighborhood after this storm, There is no programs in place, no gift cards, no organizations, no representatives. it is a frustrating crying shame. an area impacted just as bad as other areas but because its not 1000’s of homes, it fell off the map.but the last surveyor of registered homes were over 6000 homes between zip codes 11229 and 11235. This is an area where Red Cross was never even seen. I can give you a contact person that could show you the destuction. It needs to be seen,

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