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UPS Store On Sheepshead Bay Road Closed!


After several years of handling the neighborhood’s parcels, the UPS Store at 1421 Sheepshead Bay Road is closed.

The owner told us that his franchise agreement came up for renewal, and the company’s new terms were not to his liking. He will be moving on to new ventures, he said, though he didn’t disclose what that might be.

UPS Store, you will be missed.

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  1. I’ll miss it.  The manager was a very nice guy and the staff was helpful.  It was great for merchandise that was ordered online and had to be returned.

  2. i worked at that store… actually had just started the week b4 it was robbed…

    i can and will not say a nice word about the owner. nor how he was treated by ups itself

    maybe the smell in the store will wash away now

  3.  you never had to sit there for a extended time frame. he didnt treat people with much respect, the minute the store was alone, some sort of rude or sexist comment was made.

  4. I always wondered how ups stores survive with only one shipping carrier they are able to offer and on top of everything Franchise fees.  I’ve been shipping with them for years and recently found Mailzone on stillwell, they offer a wider variety of shipping carriers. Good luck to the owner with new ventures!

  5. In the late 80’s they were the biggest private scofflaws. I don’t know if they maintained that record. Those summons’ probably helped put them out of business. The break they receive is huge in a nut shell….still has to ouch.
    And, believe it or not….theft puts a hurt on business.
    In all my years experience I have had only one problem with the service (except on the phone) and that was recently.

  6. I hated using that store.  Every time I went there, the guy that runs the place was eating – and it always smelled like sweaty armpits in that place.  Good riddance to the worlds stinkiest UPS store!

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