Update: PS 249 Shelter Will Accept Supplies


Despite some confusion yesterday, a neighbor who is a city employee who was assigned to work at the PS 249 evacuation center (on Caton at Marlborough) yesterday says they’ve now been given permission to accept:

• laundered clothing in laundromat packaging
• toys and books for kids
• whatever people think might be of use

Don’t bring food, however, as they can’t give it out. Clothing is most needed, both for adults and children.

UPDATE 1pm: Neighbor Maureen tells us that later today, the PS 249 shelter is closing. Any donations should get there soon. She adds: “They took donation of crayons new books word searches magazines and basketball. It was new in Duane Reade bag with receipt.”

They are bussing evacuees who still need shelter to Bensonhurst’s FDR high school, 5800 20th Ave, and Maureen notes that tomorrow FEMA and the Red Cross should be at the site to help with insurance claims and more.

And yes, please have the clothes laundered. Neighbor David Gallagher, who just dropped some items off there, notes: “Have the laundromat package them in clear bags. It helps prevent things like bed bug infestations.”

Photo via DNAinfo, which has a full list of evacuation centers around NYC

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  1. They won’t accept clothing unless it’s in laundromat packaging? I have clothes I can donate but not from a laundromat (clothes I’ve washed myself.)

  2. It’s city requirements. Imagine (not that I am casting aspersions on anyone!) unleashing bedbugs on an overcrowded shelter…

  3. They are no longer accepting donations as this center (PS249) is closing- probably with an eye to school opening Monday. I was advised to try John Jay (in Park Slope) which continues to operate as a shelter.

    Also be advised: I was told that most shelters will not accept clothes at all, and if they do only woth proof of professional laundreing– I would imagine that, for reasons listed, this would also apply to stuffed animals. In addition to bedbugs, the lice are beginning to come out in schools, so…

    FFN had a great list, not sure how up to date, of what is what, if anyone can get ahold of that.

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