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‘Unparallel Way’ Sculpture Installed On 4th Avenue


Unparallel Way by oshbklyn on Twitter

Have you seen the temporary art installation that popped up yesterday in the median on 4th Avenue between 3rd and 4th Streets? Called Unparallel Way, it’s a piece by artist Emily Weiskopf, presented by In TRANSITion in partnership with the Old Stone House and the NYC Department of Transportation’s Urban Art Program:

By humorously raising the yellow lines that separate 4th Avenue’s traffic lanes, Unparallel Way questions and heightens awareness of the parallel paths we all follow, suggesting suggesting alternatives in a playful perspective.

Unparallel Way installation on 4th Ave

There’s a panel discussion called Who Decides Who Rides? moderated by Ben Fried of Streetsblog on Wednesday, October 23 from 7-9pm at OSH, which will discuss how transportation decisions are made, with a specific focus on the role of artists in design and advocacy. Immediately following the panel, curator Katherine Gressel will lead participants to see the new sculpture, and the artist will be on hand at the panel to answer questions.

The official opening ceremony will be held on Monday, October 28 at 11am, with presentations by members of DOT and OSH.

Top photo by OSHBklyn

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