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Two Women Shot In Front Of Oceana Hall (Corrected)


Two women were left wounded after a gunman opened fire in front of Millenium Theatre, the same building that houses Oceana Hall, at 1029 Brighton Beach Avenue.

The shootings happened early Sunday morning and the victims were taken to Lutheran Medical Center. They were in stable condition, according to News 12.

Coincidentally, we received an anonymous e-mail Sunday afternoon from a nearby resident, complaining that Millenium Theatre Oceana Hall has started bringing rowdy crowds in for their events – and that Saturday night’s event was particularly troublesome.

We’re not sure if the shooting had anything to do with the theater or their events, or if the people involved were attending a show there. In fact, the venue’s calendar has no events listed for this past Saturday. Millenium was not hosting an event, but Oceana Hall had a party called Presidents Weekend Shut Down with Hot 97 Live. (CORRECTED – see below)

But we’ve got to ask those who live around it: is Millenium Theatre – one of Southern Brooklyn’s only cultural venues – Oceana Hall becoming a problem for the community?

Here’s the e-mail we received:

i am a resident of the Brighton beach area and have noticed that oceana hall has been hosting “hip hop” parties on Saturdays. now, i was all fine by it while the party-goers where quite and civil, but now they have gone crazy. tonight, they came out the venue and started YELLING, SCREAMING, RUNNING, CURSING, HITTING WINDOWS, CARS, DISPLAYS. just completely and utterly going nuts. the surrounding neighborhoods are nice, i.e. manhatten beach, oceana, sheepshead bay, and various other buildings along the shore line. it’s just becoming a burden on Saturdays, it’s coming to the point where people are afraid to leave their house because these people come out the venue in “groups” and start going wild on everything in their path. i really dont know what they are going to do next, vandalize? rob? kill? beat up?.. do they have weapons on them since they are so violent upon coming out the venue. i just dont know. the reason i am reaching out to sheepsheadbites is because if you can do an article about this, maybe the surrounding neighbors would be more open to complaining about the situation or reaching out to the property owner and asking him WTHeck he is doing ?? its just become a burden, i’m actually nervous about going to that area of Brighton on Saturdays because of this.

CORRECTION (2/21/2012 @ 11:34 a.m.): This post has been changed after we mistakenly conflated Millenium Theatre with Oceana Hall. A more in-depth correction and explanation can be found here. We apologize for any confusion.

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  1. oh damn!

    that’s crazy…… yea when Millenium rents it out to Raves there’s a lot of PLUR in the air and it’s very VERY Civil…… but Hip hop……Not so much EVER.   i say we hire more 5-0 and give them the right to beat the shit out of anyone who looks suspicious. 

  2. It’s time the residents of Brighton beach and sheepshead bay collectively take action against these so called “hip-hop” parties. Although I am not a politic and do not know much about the field, I believe petitioning to the owners of the venues would be a great place to start. If nothing is resolved, actions should be taken to notify the mayors office. As a third party advocate that lives in bensonhurst, I see the problems that these “Oceana” or “sheepsheadbay boat” party-goers cause as I drive by the venues. I am not trying to promote racism, although this group of people are extremely violent, and at times are detrimental to the neighborhood. I had first has experience with said “boat party”, where these party goers were sitting on the hood on my car, later I realized that there was a large scratch across the hood.

  3. I live in Brighton Beach, 4 blocks from the Millennium Theatre, and i agree with my fellow concerned resident. The patrons of these parties act crazy, and turn Brighton 11-12 into a crazy uncivilized dangerous street. 

    However, quite honestly, Millennium Theatre needs to hire new bouncers because the bouncers set up a very negative environment. They are always cursing, loud, and give off a very thuggish vibe. If they were professional, I really think that the patrons would act more civilized, and more orderly. 

  4. Its not about black and white. But statistically it has proven that when the black parties are being let out in this neighborhood there is pandemonium.. They are running around yelling , rocking cars WITH PEOPLE in them, throwing up on hoods of cars, shooting each other and fighting. What the **^^ does that tell you? Your throwing the racist card out but when there is a techno party with white kids they calmly come out and go home . So what are you trying to say. Why don’t you go stand in the middle of the action early Sunday morning, when they are getting out and see what goes on then pull the racist card. They act like wild animals who have been let out of cages. No respect for thier surroundings or the neighborhood.

  5. Also I work my ass off to pay thier welfare checks while they are out clubbing and then disrespecting my neighborhood and throwing up on cars. The money I use to buy my car is the money I earned and half of that money I pay in taxes so they can sit on thier lazy asses smoke weed and receive welfare for thier 10 kids. So let’s not once again pull the racist card out. If I can work and support families on welfare then I sure as hell deserve a little respect in MY neighborhood. And if you don’t like it then party in your own neighborhood and cause havoc there, not here.

  6. We need to find out who the person who is renting out the venue is and contact him. But I have read on a later post on sheepsheadbites that the 60th precinct has already done so.

  7.  Millenium is a cultural institution”  That is an awesome line. Thanks. I’ll be repeating that for days…  

  8. They are very very violent. And this violence is not only between each other but mostly on the people in the neighborhood. When they all come out in groups they are even more enraged and technically capable of killing or severely hurting any person(s) who might be walking alone in thier path . It’s very dangerous and it’s sickening how owners of these venues are so money hungry that they put the surrounding neighborhoods at risk like this

  9. anonymous, I have NO problem with race..I have a problem with little thugs that barf on cars, hit windows, scare locals by jumping out from behind corners- throw bottles, roam in hoards in neighborhoods they DON”T live in and make comments like “I’m gonna get me that coat”.. come on now if you saw a beautiful little blue eyed blond haired girl  hanging out in the projects you would think right away she is looking for drugs..when I see a group of young black teens whooping and making comments about the homes and cars in my neighborhood(we have maybe 6 non whites that live in the whole nabe), I think trouble- what is the difference? The ravers are all young kids- but when they see older folks walking they calm down and move back so they can pass- this hip-hop crowd that has come in has NO respect, and will crowd the entire street and keep screaming talking trash and have no business in the area…white, green black or is the LIFESTYLE choices we have problems with no the colour of skin. 

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