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Storobin Officially Forms Campaign Committee In Race To Replace Councilman Nelson

David Storobin

The race for Michael Nelson’s term-limited 48th District Council seat is heating up. Politicker reported that former State Senator David Storobin officially kicked off his campaign by registering as a candidate after losing his Senate seat to redistricting last year.

Storobin has been endorsed by the Conservative Party and he told Sheepshead Bites that he has already met with GOP County officials to seek their endorsement.

Storobin would be the only announced Republican so far in a crowded race that also includes District Leader Ari Kagan, Community Board 15 Chair Theresa Scavo, Nelson aide Chaim Deutsch, and attorneys Igor Oberman, Michael Treybich, and Natraj Bhushan.

Photo by Erica Sherman

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  1. The massive irony of your comment is that Jews like Storobin left the former soviet union because they’d hear “go to israel”.

    Regardless of him being “Russian” he’s just happens to be a douchebag who shouldn’t be a politician.

  2. and you can go run for an office in Alabama.
    Don’t like us ? Go live in a hole in Alabama.

  3. This sick individual is not from Russia, but from a western republic of the former Soviet Union. He is nothing more than an unsuccessful lawyer who is corrupt, mean, and has done nothing to prove his right to be elected. Allowing him to be in power is equivalent to letting a kleptomaniac into a department store with no security. It is not that he is from the former Soviet Union that presents a problem, but who he is as a person is what should deter you from voting for this man.

  4. I’ve been to events with all these guys. They’re all the same. Storobin isn’t any worse. My vote goes to anyone who can get the lights on Ocean Parkway timed better than being red every other light, even if it’s just an empty promise.

  5. I would love to have the lights timed too and many other things to be done to our district. We are a peaceful area with different cultures and beautiful places. We are the best of Brooklyn. Too bad the people who are hungry for this seat (except for 2) are thieves, egomaniacs, and don’t give 2 hoots about Brooklyn South. They have big pockets that they need to fill and we will suffer the consequences.

  6. Igor Oberman is a turncoat who is buddy buddy with Storobin. He’s in this race to buy the democratic nomination and then throw the race. If he manages to do so the 2 of them will be blowing each other on election day. He somehow raised $85k
    in under 3 weeks mostly from donors who gave less than $100 and
    therefore weren’t required to fill out donor documents. I wouldn’t be
    surprised if the names on his contribution list even know they “donated”
    to his campaign but that’s for our friendly neighborhood journalists to
    find out. The man is widely unpopular in Trump village and there’s been
    rumors of harassment of owners who complain and violations.

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