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Two Men Convicted Of Fatal Stabbing On 86th Street, Face 25 Years To Life

The stabbing happened near La Parranda bar. Source: Google Maps

Two gangbangers, including one from Bensonhurst, face 25 years to life in prison after they were found guilty of stabbing a man and leaving him to bleed to death on 86th Street in 2012.

Migel Juarex, 26, of New Utrecht Avenue and Gilberto Serrano, 25, of Queens approached Abel Xochimitl early in the morning of July 14, 2012, stabbing him to death outside of La Parranda bar at 2366 86th Street. The men believed Xochimitl to be a part of a rival gang, although investigators later found that he had no such ties.

According to testimony, the two men approached Xochimitl near Bay 35th Street and asked him “Que barrio?” The phrase literally means “What neighborhood?” but also means “What gang do you belong to?”

Xochimitl answered by saying “Panchito. Brighton Beach,” causing the defendents to attack him with a broken bottle and knife, stabbing him in the face, neck, chest and back. Xochimitl bled to death on the street.

“Abel Xochimitl was an innocent young man whose life was senselessly and viciously taken by the defendants. The victim was not a gang member, unlike the defendants, who now face spending many years of their lives in prison for this heinous act,” said Brooklyn District Attorney Ken Thompson.

The two men will be sentenced for second degree murder later this month.

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  1. So correct me if I am wrong……Did the writer of this article really say that this man was killed as a case of mistaken identity because he did not belong to a gang. Had he belonged to a gang than this killing would have been a justified murder? What kind of writing is your staff doing?

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