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Twenty Bones To Mark The Coney Concrete-Walk

Source: is reporting that the cost of the Coney Island boardwalk will be $15 million in federal stimulus funds. Well, we’re offering a chance to get some o’ that money back in your pocket.

Sheepshead Bites is offering a whopping $20.00 (that’s right, double-digits!) to the first person to carve “” into the wet concrete, photograph it, and send it to us. We urge you to protect your marking until the concrete is actually dry, so no pesky contractors come over and erase it.

And, by the way, we are not telling you to commit a crime. We’re just saying, if you’re foolish enough to go and vandalize a section of the boardwalk by carving something in it, you might as well write We do not support such actions, and really, really think you shouldn’t do it. The money we’re offering is not for the heinous crime you’re committing – it’s an award for exemplary balls-itude you’ve got. It’s for courage and valor.

So again – don’t vandalize the concrete walk. It’s wrong. But if you’re going to disregard our advice, we’ve got $20 to help pay for your legal fees.

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  1. Interesting, because it seems like you are encouraging one to commit a crime. You should probably remove the post or edit it. You probably won’t though because being an asshole would be the Sheepshead Bay thing to do. I love the people who live in this neighborhood.

  2. can’t you just make business cards and stick them around peoples cars…..

    don’t really feel like carving anything really…

    Except people i hate #’s.

  3. Can’t be done. If they do ths part they way they did the “test” area near Ocean Pkwy, it is precast and comes already dry.

  4. This was posted last week on the website:

    JK Canepa wrote on Oct 31, 2010 1:26 PM:
    ” A lot of interesting points were brought up at the C.B. 13 meeting last Wednesday, and we’re holding a presentation/open forum on Tuesday November 16 at the Aquarium (7 pm) to clarify them. We’ll have experts speaking about alternatives to tropical hardwoods and concrete. All are welcome.

    Just a few points for now: recycled plastic lumber holds up well and will not burn as easily as wood; there are hardwoods out there that can replace tropical timber; we can have a boardwalk that looks and feels good. Please plan to attend, and bring friends.

    JK Canepa, Co-Founder, New York Climate Action Group “

  5. Yeah. I just had 130 feet of sidewalk repaved on my property last week. I spent all night rubbing out free vandalism every 10 minutes. You have a platform here and you are promoting vandalism for $20. Joke or not… Disgusting.

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