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TWC Learning Lab Opens in Park Slope


The Harlem Lab, via NYC Digital

Time Warner Cable — let’s just call it, “not everyone’s favorite company.” But while we love to (justifiably) hate the cable monolith (for a good time, read the Yelp reviews), occasionally they do something that’s pretty hard to complain about. And this is one of those things: partnering with Park Slope’s Good Shepherd Services (503 5th Ave), the company just opened Brooklyn’s first TWC “Learning Lab,” a “state-of-the-art” community tech resource designed to get the community online.

According to the release, the center — open as of today’s ribbon-cutting ceremony — will be “equipped with the latest computer technologies, e-learning programs, and high-speed Internet from Time Warner Cable Business class, and will serve as a vital community resource for years to come.”

TWC is in the process of opening 40 such centers around the city (currently, there are 6), all in partnership with neighborhood organizations. Judging from the existing labs, it seems like TWC donates the equipment, and the partnering organization — in this case, Good Shepherd — determines the details (hours, etc.).

The primary focus is getting everyone access to necessary tools for professional and academic success, but if the Good Shepherd lab is anything like the the others, there’ll be resources to take advantage of even if you’ve got high-speed Internet and a swanky MacBook at home — in Sunnyside, they’ve got solid digital cameras; at the Harlem center, there’s even a recording studio. The specific Park Slope offerings are still TBD, but we’ll keep you posted.

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  1. I actually just had a horrible experience with TWC. I thought they were better than Cablevision, but they’re all the same. This kinda makes me feel better about them….but not really. Glad they’re doing something for the community though.

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