TV Series ‘Gotham’ To Film In Park Slope On Wednesday


filming: gotham
The FOX television series Gotham, about, yep, Batman’s fair city, will be filming in the neighborhood on Wednesday, July 30, and you’ll have to move your cars to make way for Commissioner Gordon by 10pm tonight.

On Location Vacations describes the new series, which stars Ben McKenzie from The OC:

Gotham will follow James Gordon’s rise from rookie detective to Police Commissioner in Gotham City as well as the circumstances that created the world’s most famous villains like The Penguin, The Riddler, Two-Face. and The Joker.

Here’s the trailer, and you can check out the first episode, which recently premiered at Comi-Con to some pretty thrilled fans, when it airs on September 22.

As for your vehicles, they’ll need to be off the following streets by 10pm on Tuesday, July 29:

  • Both sides of 7th Ave between Park Pl and Berkeley Pl
  • Both sides of 8th Ave between St Johns Pl and Union St
  • Both sides of Lincoln Pl between 8th Ave and Plaza St W
  • West side of Plaza St W between Flatbush Ave and Lincoln Pl

If you find your car has been relocated, contact Matthew at 917-671-4495 or 646-575-8861.

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