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Turner Applauds Agreement on Plumb Beach Restoration Project


File:Bob Turner, official portrait, 112th Congress.jpgThe following is a press release from Congressman Bob Turner:

Congressman Bob Turner (NY-09) applauded the signing of a partnership-agreement between the Army Corps of Engineers and the New York City Parks Department today to begin a Storm Risk Reduction project at Plumb Beach in Brooklyn, NY.

“Given Plumb Beach’s extremely close proximity to the Belt Parkway, there is a critical infrastructure concern. This agreement will provide much needed resources to ensure the stability and safety of a major highway,” Congressman Turner said.

Now that the agreement has been approved by the Army Corps, it now moves to the City Parks Department for approval. The project would include two phases. The first phase of the project, which has been in the planning phase for several years, calls for sand replenishment from the dredging of Ambrose Channel. The second phase will entail stone placement and jetties to protect the area from storms.

“Many advocates and officials have worked to get movement on this project for quite some time. Since taking office in September I have been able to work with Col. John R. Boule, District Commander of the New York District Army Corps of Engineers, and the City of New York to help push the project forward,” Turner said. “I will continue to work with federal and local officials to complete this important project.”

Turner has met with the Army Corp of Engineers multiple times, both in Washington, D.C. and his district office in New York. The meetings included at length discussions about the Plumb Beach project. The Congressman has been a staunch advocate for this project and the importance of infrastructure improvement throughout his district.

“After visiting Plumb Beach and surveying the damage first hand less than two years ago, I’m very pleased we’re moving forward with construction of this critical coastal storm risk reduction project,” said Col. John R. Boulé, Commander, New York District. “This project is an excellent example of partnership between the federal government and New York City Parks. When complete it will reduce the vulnerability of the Belt Parkway to erosion and weather events for years to come.”

Kathleen Flynn, President of the Sheepshead Bay-Plumb Beach Civic Association stated, “This is great news for all of Brooklyn, but especially for Sheepshead Bay-Plumb Beach. We are pleased that the federal and city governments realize the importance of this project and are working with one another to move forward.”

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  1. Appreciate Turner’s agreement, but, despite being an advocate for the project, he had absolutely nothing to do with it as it was in the works before he took office. He’s just a little late to be jumping on the bandwagon. 
    After all, Mr. Turner has done SO much for our community since replacing Weiner.
    He doesn’t even a Brooklyn office according to his web site.
    Save your applause. We’re doing just fine–with or without you.

  2. Am I the only one to wonder if the reinforcement of the roadway, the protection agains t further undermining by weather and the paving of the pedestrian/cycle path are going to be performed only AFTER they are finished filling in with dredged sand and completing the stone jetties? And if there is to be an adjacent Brigham Park, shouldn’t that all be done in one coordinated, continuous process?

  3. I understand that. And the article makes no great claim that Turner was a driving force in this work.
       The post I responded to was just an annoying bash-Republican-for-anything post, and I dutifully responded. If it had been Anthony Weiner, would NSF (and you) have made the same point? Of course not.

  4. actually lisa, the project was “not going to be done” before Turner took office. Last month Fidler and local electeds were saying how we need to get this done and it was in local papers and announced at meetings. This agreement now is why it will now actually get done. and Bruce, if this agreement was not signed and this project was not getting done Lisa and other Dems would be blaming Turner, right Lisa??????? It seems clear Turner made this a priority by meeting with the Army Corps top guy several times and is even quoted in Turner’s release- one can say after 10 years of inaction, after a few months of Turner its getting done- coincidence????

  5. I seem to recall that it was Weiner that did all the groundwork here. Had he made a point of publicizing what he had achieved (and he did) it would be justified. Additionally, it is likely that Turner will not win a full term. either through the elimination of the present 9th district or by a concentrated effort by Democrats to win by the seat. Either way, he will not be around past the first phase of this endeavor.

  6. Just curious, is any person capable of applauding the fact that something positive is getting done in our community, regardless of whether a Republican or a Democrat takes credit for it? If a Republican does something right, or inoffensive, Democrats will find a way to blast that official, and if a Democrat does something right, Republicans come out and do the same thing their Democrat counterparts do.

    It’s so tiresome how no one seems to be able to see through this lame partisan prism. That’s why the chasm dividing every level of government and citizenry will continue to grow wider, deeper and uglier, because no one wishes to give “credit” to “the other side” if it is deserved, and everyone believes that only their side is right.

    This blindingly loyal adherence people have to their political parties, and urgent need to toe every single platform item of their respective agendas, is a little frightening.

    Turner is not taking credit for the project, as he stated: “Many advocates and officials have worked to get movement on this project for quite some time.” That is not to say that he has not helped to push the project forward, because he obviously has, and we can only hope that he will continue to do so.

    We all know that SBPBCA, Anthony Weiner and Lew Fidler are the people who really made the project a reality but, like Fidler himself stated (and you’d all do well to take a lesson from his words): “Senator [Marty] Golden and I kid each other from time to time. We don’t care about your party affiliation when it comes to a community issue. We work together, we’re happy to work together. If it gets results for the neighborhood, it doesn’t matter. There’s no Democratic or Republican way to pick up garbage.”

    As for Turner having a Brooklyn office…if you follow local news, you would know that that will become a reality soon enough.

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