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Treyger Announces Schedule For Spring Street Repavings

Photo by Bensonhurst Bean
Photo by Bensonhurst Bean

Come Spring, Stillwell Avenue will be pothole free.

Last fall, Treyger and Assembly Member William Colton wrote a letter to the Department of Transportation (DOT) last fall about the dire need for repaving Stillwell Avenue, and a significant chunk of the street has been included in the planned repavings this spring.

In addition to the announced repavings, Treyger is partnering with Senator Diane J. Savino and Assemblywoman Pamela Harris, and the DOT to ensure that Neptune Avenue, from West 5th Street to the West End of Coney Island, is repaved next.

“I am pleased to announce the dates for these much needed street repairs. Maintenance and upkeep of roads is an important victory for many residents,” said Treyger. “Cracked streets and potholes lead to injuries and vehicular damage, affecting residents’ health and costing them money.”

The schedule for Spring 2016 repaving includes:

April 4 – April 8:
– Stillwell Avenue, between 82nd Street and Bay 43rd Street
– Stillwell Avenue, between 82nd Street and Bay Parkway
– 18th Avenue, between Cropsey Avenue and 86th Street

April 28 – April 29:

– Sea Breeze Avenue, between Ocean Parkway and West 5th Street
– West 1st Street, between Sea Breeze Avenue and West Brighton Avenue
– West 2nd Street, between Sea Breeze Avenue and West Brighton Avenue
– West Brighton Avenue, between Ocean Parkway and West 5th Street

May 2 – June 1:

– 67th Street, between 16th Avenue and Bay Parkway
– 70th Street, between 16th Avenue and Bay Parkway
– Bay 20th Street, between Shore Parkway and 86th Street
– 18th Avenue, between Cropsey Avenue and 86th Street

May 13 – June 1:

– Bay 38th Street, between 86th Street and Shore Parkway
– Avenue T, between West 6th Street and McDonald Avenue
– Avenue S, between Stillwell Avenue and McDonald Avenue
– West 8th Street, between Avenue P and 67th Street
– Quentin Road, between Stillwell Avenue and McDonald Avenue

May 16 – May 27:

– West Avenue, between Ocean Parkway and Shore Parkway
– Avenue Z, between Shell Road and East 7th Street
– Stillwell Avenue, between Bay 43rd Street and Bay 50th Street

June 2 – June 10:

– Bay 44th Street, between Bath Avenue and Shore Parkway
– Bay 43rd Street, between Stillwell Avenue and Cropsey Avenue
– Bath Avenue, between 27th Avenue and Stillwell Avenue
– Avenue X, between West 8th Street and Stillwell Avenue
– West 8th Street, between 86th Street and Avenue X

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  1. I guess 20th Avenue from 80th to 82nd will just continue to sink into the ground. Can’t wait for the media coverage when vehicles are swallowed whole.

    And 20th from 86th to Benson isn’t sinking, but it takes a serious monster truck 4×4 to handle the hills and valleys on that stretch.

  2. sometimes i feel it’s kept destroyed to keep traffic at a crawl. Been that way since i been driving and that was in the late 90’s. Shit i remember the bumps being so bad the White castle burger would fly out my hands at 3AM on a Saturday 🙂

  3. The mayor cut the road repair budget in 2015 in half and our council members did not get it restored . The replaving is only half the normal rate . That means roads getting worse and worse . Debladio supports only dirt poor criminals

  4. Let’s be fair to the mayor. The bike lobby hasn’t complained about the condition of the asphalt around here yet. Once they do, Mayor Bike… I mean, Bill… will have them all repaved in a week. He is, after all a man who prides himself on having Zero Vision for the city.

  5. These bikers are selfish and self centered.

    Every year they hold a bike ride to collect money for Brooklyn Public Library, so on the weekend all these bikers ride from branch to branch and feel good about themselves.

    I know a guy who works on the finance team at Brooklyn PL, so he tells me because the bike even takes place on the weekend the libraries are obviously open but because it is the weekend every employee gets overtime. So every bike event does not raise money as bikers think they do, but actually costs the system money.

    The library people told city that they are on such a tight budget that they can no longer afford these, but politicos said that if they will end the bike events they will reduce the funding because the bike lobby is so powerful.

    So these people deprive kids of extra books and computers for no other reason than to feel good about themselves. They actually tell people we are raising money for the library when in fact every event costs library far more because of overhead and overtime.

    This may offend you, but this is liberalism at it’s best, and these very same people say we need more taxes to increase funding for libraries.

  6. Speaking as someone who has been a BPL weekend volunteer for 5 years, you are incorrect, and I find your source suspect. Most BPL branches are open on weekends regardless of the Bike The Branches events. Some are open on Saturday, but not Sunday; and vice-versa. And, for fewer hours than on weekdays. But, the staff is getting paid for those days even if there is no BTB event. There is no additional drain on the salary fund. The goal of BTB is to raise money for more hours (either during the week, or full 7-day service), and more staff. This is a worthy goal, so yes, liberalism at its best (which is not, as you intend it, an insult). All conservative views on this have done is drive down our schools, literacy rates and services to the citizens who need it. For the record, there are some conservative views I hold, but when it comes to services for the community, and building up our children to be better, smarter, more successful citizens than previous generations, I’m definitely on the liberal side.

  7. My source was an AVP in the library, he said fundraisers net net take money away from the system.

    I am sorry but I will have to take his word for it.

    Why buy computers for kids when you can polish ego of some bicyclist.

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