Trees & Branches Down Around The Neighborhood

tree down on e 17 and ditmas via ditmasparkcorner

That short but intense thunderstorm around 3:30 yesterday afternoon sure left a lot of damage in its wake. We spotted this huge branch down on E 17th and Ditmas, though fortunately the car underneath it looked to have escaped most of its weight.

tree down on e 18 and newkirk by laura campbell-lui

Neighbor Laura Campbell-Lui snapped this photo of a tree down on E 18th St. and Newkirk, saying traffic had to be rerouted because of it.

tree down on e 18th and newkirk by Ray McGaughey

And Ray McGaughey got a different angle of the same street.

tree down on stratford and turner

While this slightly-smaller branch was down on Stratford Rd. and Turner Pl.

We hope first off that everyone is alright, and secondly that their homes and cars are–but even before the storm yesterday, have you noticed an issue with hazardous trees and branches in the neighborhood lately? Neighbor and contributor Amber Ceffalio¬†took the photo below…

tree on top of car by amberala

… and wrote this morning to say:

Last week I saw a tree down on top of a car. Today, I noticed 2 more trees down and on my morning run a sign nailed to a tree warning of a loose branch above.

Has anyone else noticed this problem? Does a sign for a loose branch seem adequate as summer approaches, and we’re bound to have more storms like these?

Top photo via ditmasparkcorner

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  1. A few weeks ago all the trees on my block were pruned (most of our trees had to replanted after that tornado in 2007), which has made walking in the rain/storms much easier and safer. Hopefully they’ll make the rounds across the neighborhood since we’ve had lots of damage from storms in the last couple of years.

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