Park Slope

Travel Down Union Street to See the Giant Fireball Tomorrow


fireball via freidwall

The new FX show “The Americans” has been filming throughout the borough– and even hit 8th Avenue last month— but tomorrow it gets a little more exciting. The NYPD has alerted the public that on Wednesday, February 13th between 6:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m., the production will set off a “controlled explosion with a fireball effect”  on Union Street between Hicks and Columbia Streets.

Depending on how huge this explosion actually is, there’s a chance we’ll be able to see its effects. (We are on a slope, after all.) So, you know, don’t panic if you see a fiery blaze in the distance. It’s controlled! But still probably really cool! So cool, in fact, that it might be worth a trip to the waterfont.  Let us know if you catch it.

Photo via Freidwall

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