Southern Brooklyn

Trash Bag Tree Supports Grow in Brooklyn


The garbage situation is getting so bad in Sheepshead Bay that someone has decided to hang refuse bags for passers-by.

These trash bags were seen hanging from the tree supports for young trees, in front of the Bay Manor Condominium building near the corner of East 17 St and Ave Z. Usually when one plants a tree, it’s not done to have a hook for plastic garbage bags.

The bags are overflowing with flyers and other assorted refuse, while on the floor near the overflowing garbage bags is even more garbage: plastic soda and motor oil bottles.

The garbage and litter situation in our community is growing ever more present and unbearable. Sheepshead Bay has to act fast, because we are becoming widely known as a one of the dirtiest, smelliest areas. Impromptu surveys of people on the street yielded sad results.

Visitors who come from other areas mention the litter and smelly streets, especially in Sheepshead Bay proper, as one the first things that strike them as they exit the subway station.

How many of our readers think it’s about time for a special task force put together to fight litter and to encourage reduction of waste?