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Trash Washes Up In Sheepshead Bay, Again

Source: Sulvy P.

We’ve covered the trash that has periodically piled up in the water at the various corners of the Bay before. Looks like there’s been even more reported trash sightings over the weekend. A reader submitted a note detailing what she saw and attached some photos of the environmental hazard.

Sulvy P. said: 

I have lived around the area for years and it seems that absolutely nothing is done with all the trash that is constantly collected and is always sitting in the corner of the bay by the Holocaust memorial. Today this really went overboard. Someone disposed of about 20 fish that all piled up in that corner and made the whole area smell very bad. All the fish were huge and cut from the stomach. I am not sure with what purpose this was done but it may be coming from the boats on the bay… This will only affect the beautification process of the Sheepshead bay area. Something needs to be done. It is not attractive, it’s right by the Holocaust Memorial, it smells bad and I am sure its not healthy for the animals that live there and for the people that are constantly fishing in the area.

Our photographer Erica Sherman contributed the last two photos of the gunk as well. Note that in her photos there is also a dead fish floating belly-up, with garbage on it.

Reader Andrew Kent is also outraged by the garbage accumulation in the Bay. He wrote on Erica’s Facebook page, where her photo was first posted:

Perhaps people who get caught littering or illegally dumping should be offered a choice of draconian fines or a day of community service cleaning up messes like these. Since the garbage seems to accumulate in easily accessible places, this could be done from the bulkheads with nets on long poles, although an afternoon in a row boat might be more fun. And where are the environmental groups, like the American Littoral Society, that do the beach cleanups? Maybe when the geese, swans, and other wildlife start disappearing the Bay’s sorry condition will get more attention.

Dead fish, nasty litter, and a foul smell near the Holocaust Memorial? If this isn’t a situation that needs some serious remedying, I don’t know what is.

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  1. “Trash washes up… again” sounds like it an unusual event. Trash is on the water ALL the time (mostly blown there from the surrounding streets) and gathers together depending on wind and tide. Dead fish should never be thrown in the water but at least they degrade easily. The plastic lasts for years. One reason for beach cleanups is to remove the crap that will work its way back into the water and float to palces like Sheepshead Bay. 

  2. This is an ongoing situation all the time. People are slobs they throw anything they can in the Bay they don’t care. I would go with a net and a long handle like they use on the boats and scoop it up myself its disgusting already. They whole Bay needs a clean sweep. Gloves, plastic bags, and a broom thats what it takes. My opinion the whole neighborhood is a mess. Yesturday I was walking under the el on Ave Y between East 15th & 16 all the plastic bags with all the bottle returns with the truck that was there and the stench was unbelivable. When is this going to stop already. Its not allowed in the first place. This is my opinion.

  3. They just passed a new law where I live (Louisville, KY) that people who are caught illegally dumping get their car/truck impounded. We have a problem with illegal dumping of old tires and materials used to make meth. The problem in Brooklyn is enforcement. Police just don’t have the time to police the actual garbage because they’re too busy policing the human garbage.

  4. Bagels, coffee cups, water bottles, dead fish…  that sure looks like “boat debris’ to me 🙁 

  5. Slobs. Anyone caught dumping should have to go into that water, swim into that  mess, and clean it up. With no wetsuit. First time such an occurrence makes the papers, I guarantee you will see an improvement in the Sheepshead waters. No heart for that sort of punishment? Okay, then live with the trash.  

  6. If I had a boat, a wet suit, a gas mask and a net, I’d gladly dredge it myself. So, who can hook a sister up?

  7. How about all the homeless that hang out right by there near the Holocaust memorial. I see they started drinking constantly and now some mexicans hang out there too. Maybe they are part of the mexican gangs. 

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