Traffic Lights Are Coming to Cortelyou and Westminster


traffic light markings on cortelyou road

Just a few months after it was first proposed, and following a neighborhood traffic calming meeting where it was one of many issues discussed, traffic lights are coming to the intersection at Cortelyou Road and Wesminster Road, said Michael Racioppo, chief of staff to Councilmember Mathieu Eugene.

Lights are coming sometime in January, according to theĀ Department of Transportation, butĀ a specific date is yet to be determined.

The intersection has already been measured and marked up with orange spray paint to clear the way for the job.

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  1. Thank goodness. Making a left onto Cortelyou there is a nightmare now. Any word on one at Stratford and Cortelyou? Just as bad, worse for pedestrians.

  2. Agreed! Especially since the crazy crossing at CIA makes one consider whether to be on the north or south side of Cortelyou just at Stratford! Is anyone else really scared by the parade of express buses that hurtle down Cortelyou? Might not these buses be less impeded on Dorchester or Beverly?

  3. Has there been any discussion regarding new speed bumps in the neighborhood? I live on a stretch of Stratford that can feel like the Indianapolis 500 when people pick up speed to make the light at Stratford and Beverly. Lots of kids in the area, too. Not safe. Not good.

  4. How great is that. How about Stratford and Cortelyou? People tend to use it when Coney Island is backed up and buy do they tend to speed. Also how about Westminster and Beverley which seems a dangerous intersection if you cross either by bike or on foot.

  5. I guess I’m in the minority, but I think this sucks. I’m not sure how a red light makes pedestrians any safer than stop signs. Stop signs cause drivers to stop regardless of the traffic. When a driver sees a green light he’ll speed through it, and is more likely to hit a pedestrian who isn’t paying attention. The majority of car/pedestrian accidents happen at crosswalks with lights.

  6. At present, there are no stop signs on Cortelyou, only on Westminster. Crossing now means hoping cars on Cortelyou see you and stop. This way, at least pedestrians have a chance, since the cars will have a red light and pedestrians will have a walk signal.

  7. I agree. Stratford Road is in need of speed bumps at least from Cortelyou to Caton. We live on the stretch between Beverley and Albermarle and see cars zooming by all the time.

  8. There isn’t even a painted crosswalk on Cortelyou! You must be mad if you think this would somehow make it worse for pedestrians.

  9. There really should be stop signs at those all those side streets between Beverly and Albemarle – turning from those onto Stratford is another scary endeavor.

  10. We tried to get speed bumps on Cortelyou several years ago and were told they aren’t used anymore. I live on Stratford between Dorchester and Cortelyou and can tell you it’s true, many people speed through as an alternative to CIA. They also speed terribly on Dorchester to make the light at CIA.

  11. That’s great. As a bike rider as well as a mother with a toddler in a stroller that has to go in the area to the pediatrician anything that helps is great. I usually have to end up crossing further up just to be on the right side since crossing at Stratford is a nightmare.

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