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Toolkit To Make Our Roads Safer


Help make the roads of your neighborhood safer!

Transportation Alternatives, a transportation advocacy group, just released their “Neighborhood Traffic Monitoring Toolkit.”

The toolkit offers tips on choosing an intersection in a neighborhood to document, working with community boards, precinct community councils, and recruiting volunteers. There are also sample letters to send to community leaders, police precincts and elected officials.

“Everyone knows exactly where the most dangerous street corner is in their neighborhood. With this toolkit, community members can shine a spotlight on those lawless intersections,” said Executive Director of Transportation Alternatives Paul Steely White.

So… which intersection should we start with?

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  1. I’d like to see Transportation Alternative make the same type of effort to get bicycle riders to obey the traffic laws instead of going after motorists. Who breaks more traffic laws, bike riders or auto drivers? At least unlike bike riders, drivers mostly do stop at red lights. When will you be conducting surveys of bike riders, TA?

  2. Nothing to do with traffic but…
    E18St was repaved, E19 St was done later.
    The curb hight on E18 St is twice the length high as that on E19 St.
    The melting snow and rain runoff is not handled well on the lower level.
    Ergo sidewalk damage.
    The asphalt is high near the corner sewers and water sits.
    Avenue W is a whole problem in itself. That being street pavement is not level enough to allow water to run into the closest sewer and again water sits.
    Ya’ know the sidewalk repairs that were deemed by Bloomie had to be done, well we did it, paid for it and now are watching and waiting in great anticipation to pay and do it again. TYVVM

  3. Shouldn’t the tool kit contain shovels, ashalt, roller etc to fill pot holes? If given out freely, maybe our streets would be repaired.

  4. East Bound Shore Parkway between Ford & Coyle. There’s at least 3 accidents a week. Cars speed down the 2 lanes from Nostrand while cars are speeding off the Belt exit near Ford St. Cars turning from Ford to Shore Parkway do’t have a clear view because Shore Parkway is not straight. They need to do something with the exit and speeders coming from Nostrand to Knapp.

  5. What happens if a bike goes through a red light and hits a crossing car? What happens if a car goes through a red light and hits a cyclist or pedestrian? That’s the big difference!

  6. Okay, I give up. What’s the difference? Are you saying that a cyclist cannot get killed or seriosly injured by driving his bike into a moving or standing car? You seriously need to be educated. Life isn’t the way you see it in the movies.

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