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Tonight: Prayer Walk For Peace In Memory of Carey Gabay And Other Victims Of Violence


In case you hadn’t heard, there will be a prayer march/walk through Crown Heights, from Kingston Avenue and Eastern Parkway to Medgar Evers College, TONIGHT beginning at 6pm.

The event is in response to the general ongoing presence of violence — including gun violence — in Brooklyn and around the country.

In the wake of the shooting death of Carey Gabay, a Clinton Hill resident and former lawyer for Governor Andrew Cuomo, who was an innocent bystander during Labor Day weekend’s West Indian American Day festivities, the walk/march is also being held in his memory.

“On behalf of the 35th Council District, I would like to extend our thoughts and prayers to the family, friends, and colleagues of Carey Gabay,” wrote Councilmember Laurie Cumbo. “Too many lives and too many families have been impacted by violence, which only divides and destroys our communities. Today and everyday, we stand united and committed to bringing an end to all violence against all peoples.

Gabay died yesterday (Wednesday, September 16), over a week after falling into a coma as a result of being shot in the head by an as-yet-apprehended suspect.

As 57th District Democratic Leader Olanike Alabi wrote, let’s come out and support the Gabay family and ALL victims of senseless shootings and violence.”

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  1. The reason the West Indian Day parade took two lives this year, including Carey Gabay’s, is because the very politicians who march tonight against violence in general are the same ones who forbid the NYPD from making arrests at J’Ouvert and at the parade. If the NYPD were empowered to make arrests of the open drinking and drugs that J’Ouvert has come, Mr. Gabay would be alive today, as would the other gun fatality and the stabbing fatality and the others injured but not killed this year.

    Even as Mr. Gabay lay dying, these same politicians rushed to the airwaves to hallow J’Ouvert and the West Indian Day parade as sacred rites of the Islands that therefore must be allowed to go forward as they are. Violence confidently marches every year before, during and after this parade the politicians jockey to march at the front of. The attempt now to blend this famous feathered and bejeweled spectacle into the dull background of violence everywhere is further proof of how irresponsible and cynical our elected officials really are.

    Trying to reframe the lawlessness that comes from this officially unsupervised celebration into the greater universe of crime, and random crime, is politics at their most cynical. There’s nothing random about J’Ouvert and the Labor Day parade.

    To the contrary, the violence at J’Ouvert and the Labor Day parade is as predictable as the calendar. There will be violence. Until the politicians let the NYPD be working officers of the peace instead of uniformed bystanders to THIS PARTICULAR PARADE that claims its victims every year.

  2. Everyone reasonable person knows to just STAY AWAY from the West Indian Parade – for some reason the police are not doing there job to arrest people who drink and do drugs in public. I have a feeling they have orders not to. WHY is this? Perhaps because the local politicians are from West India? If people were murdered EVERY year at St. Patricks Day Parades you better believe police would cut down on the public drunken ness? Why the difference in policy? Id be curious to know if anyone was arrested for drunkenness that day – – I live right there and stayed inside because I didn’t want to get shot! Next year Ill probably plan a trip away for the entire week of these “festivities.” Senseless shootings? YES of course! Bad leadership by local electeds allowing this to go on year after year? ABSOLUTELY.

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