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TONIGHT: Impromptu Russian Dolls Premiere Party! (9:30 p.m. – Buy One, Get One Drafts)

The photo that started it all.

Since Sheepshead Bites staffers have been barred from attending the Russian Dolls premiere party at Rasputin (I wonder why), we decided to have a little fun ourselves.

Sheepshead Bites has teamed up with Beer Saloon – the bar closest in proximity to Rasputin – to throw an impromptu premiere party. And, no, it’s not necessarily to celebrate this bit of horrific television programming – it’s more to get together, have some fun and bounce reactions off one another.

After all, why would we celebrate a show that the New York Times reviewed by saying, “If the Soviet authorities had wanted to torture Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn beyond endurance, they would have forced him to watch ‘Russian Dolls.'” Oof, that’s got to sting.

Well, good or bad, revolting or alluring – we’re packing into Beer Saloon to enjoy the show on their numerous big screen TVs.

And to help numb the pain of watching the show, Beer Saloon is offering our readers a buy-one-get-one-free draft beer special.

So come on down and raise a glass of one of Beer Saloon’s many premium draft choices as we watch the television apocalypse unfold before our eyes!

Festivities begin at 9:30 p.m. There is no cost for admission. Must be 21+.

Beer Saloon is located at 1188 Gravesend Neck Road, corner of Sheepshead Bay Road. In addition to beverages, Beer Saloon has a full dinner menu.

(FYI: Beer Saloon is a SMALL place. First come, first serve!)

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  1. if i finish all my work, i’ll come by for some wings and a Draft!

    i actually can’t wait. for this piece of shit.

  2. As much as we all want to watch a train wreck we have to keep in mind that if a lot of people watch this shit they get what they want. The get together is a good idea so many people can watch from one location. The problem with this show is they claim to represent “Russians” from Brighton Beach and the network has the balls to put the word in their title. They should have called it Pocono Dacha. Please remember that this is TV and 99% of the shit on TV is fake just like all the fools on this show. Dont feed the animals they always come back for more.     

  3. No need to wounder why. It’s because of readers like me who think that all this “Show” is shit, and so are people in it.

  4. Listen man I AGREE 10000000% However these words won’t change peoples minds….

    i personally want to see it because of curiosity. Damn you Curiosity!!!!!

  5. I don’t understand why all the hate all of a sudden.  It’s a show about a neighborhood which you live with people who you either know or know someone like them.  If the show becomes a hit will mean costumers for local business and more interest in Sheepshead Bay as a whole.

    Yeah, so it’s not Shakespeare In The Park or NOVA a PBS, yes it’s a trashy reality TV show just like many others like it.  But most of you are going to watch it and then talk about it.  So stop hating and give props to the creators, who are by the way local residents, for actually making it happen.  That is all

  6. Well you aren’t the only ones banned.  Lifetime has banned me from their facebook page and their Brighton Beach Show Facebook page…not the Russian Dolls page yet.  Why was I banned?  For promoting their show with our new blog.  They should be paying us, not banning us.  Our blog is @  All good stuff about the show.  If I lived closer i would come down and join your festivities!  Needless to say we were not invited to the Premiere Party too.

  7. Blond Moment?

    you can’t just Take someone’s name,  and stick it on your blog because that makes you a Cheat.  think about it this way, if your blog was popular, would you want people taking your blog site and promoting it in random Porn sites?    no right?

    well they don’t care about your blog, and they sure as hell don’t want your blog to become popular.

  8. Yeah, rich getting richer.. and poor.. well.. watch retards who have more money than they know what to do with.

  9. Oh wow, when did that happen!?  i checked after season 1 came out and they didn’t have any facebooks associated with there real names……

    ain’t that some shit.

  10. this show is backed by so many russians for a reason that we will not no.any russian should fight to have this show cancelled just from the promo,or do you guys need to see an episode first and then say,hey,we look like assholes here,my wife isnt a whore painted with makeup with a flat ass sucking money out of every ap in a benz!!!

  11. … couldn’t make it to a party…  but my eyes hurt after watching this “pilot”… I did like Babushka Eva, though….

  12. I found it on Lifetime on demand. 20 minutes. Watched the entire thing with a look of disgust on my face.

  13. The characters look like fools.
    The dumb blond pig with her fat mother are racist.
    Grandma is cool.
    Marina is trying to fake her accent and sounds retarded.

  14. with every additional blonde, I felt my IQ drop… at the end of the show it dropped so low that I wasnt sure what it was that I just saw….

  15. with every additional blonde, I felt my IQ drop… at the end of the show it dropped so low that I wasnt sure what it was that I just saw….

  16. hahaha good one shadow! 

    Stupid rich blonds who dont know how to make borch piss me off. 🙂

    Her mom is telling her to grab a fry pan and she is like…. … what is that mom.. im clueless  … you got to be shitting me. But she knows what maserati is. 

  17. I loved it. Just simply loved the entire show. So completely trashtastic I almost couldn’t catch my breath for laughing so much. Fantastic. These are people who were/are very happy to do this show. And if it makes them happy, then good for them.
    I love how open and proud these women (and to some extent the men) are. 

    My favorite quote of the show to date…. ‘it’s American dammit, and I have options’.

  18. Nope, not a promoter.  I live here, in Sheepshead Bay. And I thought that the show was funny.  And yes, I have lived in this area long enough to remember what it was like before the change of Brighton Beach/Sheepshead Bay/Manhattan Beach took place. And honest enough to admit that 
    the women on this show portrayed themselves as they wished to be seen.

    They are the one’s who went to the casting call (I had only read about it on this blog), 
    and they are the people who wish to show the world who and what makes them proud of themselves.

    The joys of reality television.  Watch, don’t watch. ::::shrug::::: 

  19. I guess I’m not offended because I NEVER expect reality TV or TV of any sort to depict anything upstanding, uplifting or worth looking up to. These people are a very accurate portrayal of themselves or what they want us to think they are, and they are pretty ridiculous. There is also something interesting about the un-self conscious way some people on the show are totally racist. Read the comments to any crime story on Bites and tell me that attitude isn’t prevalent in this community (no offense to those of you who harbor no such attitudes-I would rather you all represent my culture any day). I enjoyed it in a guilty pleasure sort of way, but it reinforces my decision to get rid of our TV when we had a kid. I don’t imagine it will have a long run, or enjoy any real popularity outside of places that have a decent sized Russian community.

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