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Tonight: Help The Parks Department Transform Petrosino Park

Courtesy of NYC Parks
Courtesy of NYC Parks

Community members are invited to a public input meeting today, at which the future of Lt. Joseph Petrosino Park — and its complete transformation and reconstruction — will be discussed. 

At the public meeting, which takes place Tuesday, April 19, at 6pm at PS 112 (7115 15th Avenue), Parks’ planners and designers will share information about the park and the capital process before turning it over to community members for facilitated brainstorming.

Attendees will have their voices heard and dictate shared priorities for new and renovated park features—such as water play features, playgrounds, sports courts and fields.

As we’ve reported, Mayor Bill de Blasio’s Community Parks Initiative (CPI) is intended to bring improvements to parks and playground in underserved, low-income parts of the New York City. Initially, all southern Brooklyn playgrounds were left off of CPI, but following reporting in this publication about Bensonhurst’s deteriorating green spaces — as well as push back from council members Mark Treyger and Vincent Gentile — several local playgrounds were added to the Parks initiative.

“Through CPI, we’ve created new connections between community members and their parks, and now we’re expanding its reach and investing in even more neighborhood parks,” reads a Parks Department press release.

The administration has invested a total of $285 million into city parks, allowing the restoration of 65 city parks. Thirty-five locations were announced by the mayor in 2014, 12 more were announced in October, and 20 more sites will be named over the next three years.

Other local parks expected to see improvements are Gravesend’s Lafayette Playground and Scarangella Park.

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  1. They are going to renovate Satellite Park (the name it had when I was growing up) AGAIN? It’s one of the nicest small parks in South Brooklyn. Great playground. Handball courts. Sprinklers. The City spent $700,000 to renovate it in the 90s. There have to be other parks that haven’t been upgraded since that time that would be deserving of renovation now.

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