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TONIGHT: Free Movie Screening On Coney Island Beach


If your idea of a great way to spend an evening is sitting on the beach while watching “Saturday Night Fever,” you’re in luck!

Starting tonight, and running until August 29, Rooftop Films — which “couple[s] films with venues, and connect[s] artists with audiences so that each event is unique and memorable” — will be holding a beachside film series in Coney Island, called “Coney Island Flicks On The Beach.”

According to

Selected films will be shown on a jumbo 40-foot screen on the beach at West 10th Street every Monday night from July 11-August 29; screenings are free to the public and begin at dusk.

Here’s the full schedule; more info can be found here.

  • July 11 – Saturday Night Fever
  • July 18 – Rango
  • July 25 – Top Gun
  • August 1 – Iron Man 2
  • August 8 – Annie Hall
  • August 15 – Moonstruck
  • August 22 – Justin Beiber: Never Say Never
  • August 29 – How She Move
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  1. How the hell did Justin Beiber: Never Say Never get on this list?  Was the Spice Girl movie rented out for this day?  The should replace it with a more fitting movie for this area such is Rounders or Eastern Promises. 

  2. I have been totally unexposed to this Justin Bieber phenom, and having read the remarks below I consider myself quite fortunate. I assume this movie is recent. And yet it is being shown for free. Is he already a has-been?

  3. If they wanted something appropriate for this area, no movie is more appropriate than The Warriors. 

  4. Sea Breeze Park, 2006 or 2007, I forget. They showed the Warriors. Huge turnout.  I didn’t lock the  door of my apartment that night. I figured anyone who would rob it was at the movies…

  5. I was there last night. Movie didn’t start till after 9pm. I understand they had to wait till dark, but still, had to leave after an hour, I’m too old to watch Travolta boogieing at 11pm. I assume as the sun sets earlier, the movie will start earlier. Or, as the great Yogi said, “it gets later earlier these days”.

         Great experience on the beach. I enjoyed it immensely. Warning: some hipsters showed. After 45 years in the neighborhood, I’m thrilled for the publicity and redevelopment and rediscovery of Coney Island.

  6. Well then it’s time to show it again. The cast of the movie came down to Coney Island a few years ago, I think for a twenty-fifth reunion.

  7. Well then it’s time to show it again. The cast of the movie came down to Coney Island a few years ago, I think for a twenty-fifth reunion.

  8. oh yeah, thanks for reminding me. Coney island, i think 2008. I was there too, but not early enough to meet the cast (I did spot Michael Beck). They were selling Warriors jackets for over 200 bucks. I might even have splurged and not eaten for a week, but i figured, you might as well draw a bullseye on me if I wore it around the neighborhood.

  9. How did you manage to stay unexposed?  This kid is huge among the teens!  Personally, I am too old to appreciate him and/or his music, but gotta hand it to him, the girls love him!

  10. I guess that they wanted to show something that the kids in the neighborhood would enjoy.  I don’t think that any adults would  show up for “the Beibs”

  11. That’s one of the  pluses/minuses of never having any kids. My nieces used to keep me up on that stuff, but their kids are too young.

    I did, however fond out about the Rebecca Black thing, and she was beimg compared to Justin Bieber, which was considered a bad thing. The song I heard her swing was no different than anything else I hear on the PA systems in stores.

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