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TONIGHT: Districting Commission Convenes To Reapportion City Council Districts

City Hall. Source: Wikipedia

The New York City Districting Commission will hold its first organizational meeting tonight, July 17, 6:30 p.m. in the Council Chambers of City Hall, 260 Broadway, in Manhattan.

It will be the commission’s task to reconfigure all 51 City Council districts to reflect population shifts. The plan is slated to be submitted to the council by November. This meeting is open to the public.  While public testimony will not be received at this meeting, the commission will afford opportunities for the public’s input at later dates.

Individuals requesting sign language interpreters for the hearing should contact the commission at or call (212) 442-6940.

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  1. Eight commission members are appointed by the City Council
    and seven by the mayor. Sort of like the fox watching over the hen house. But that
    is not that problem. Their primary goal will be to gerrymander districts so
    that each district has a predominate and monolithic voter block (ethnic, religious,
    economic etc). This will ensure that the council member need only satisfy that
    one voter block in his district to be elected. No need for the councilman to
    compromise with any other voter block of another councilman, even for the common good. I see this as a
    major dysfunction of our system of government (city, state, federal). When
    elected officials need only placate one voter block to stay elected, statesmanship
    and compromise is practiced at their peril. No wonder we have a dysfunctional government
    with zero statesmen.


  2. Whatever happened with the idea that all districts, police, fire, city council, etc would be coterminous with community board districts. Congressional districts would consist of two or more community board districts. Everyone would know what district he is in and there would be no gerrymandering. Guess it went th same way as the metric system which stopped with soft drinks.

  3. What “they say” implies a flawed system. But some flaws are worse than others and are usually self inflicted.


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