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Tomorrow: State NY Rising Officials Seek Feedback On Resiliency Plans For Sheepshead Bay, Gerritsen Beach

Residents identified assets and potential projects during October’s workshop.

The second public engagement meeting of the New York Rising Community Reconstruction Program to restore and protect Sheepshead Bay and Gerritsen Beach will be held tomorrow at 7:00 p.m. in the Amity School (3867 Shore Parkway).

The first engagement meeting took place in October, with a workshop for residents to guide state planners on how to spend millions of dollars to protect local infrastructure. The program is part of a $750 million initiative announced in July by Governor Andrew Cuomo.

During tomorrow’s meeting, officials and consultants will unveil a set of proposals and priorities devised, in part, by community residents. They are soliciting feedback for further refinement before issuing their final report, which will be the roadmap for state investment going forward.

A draft of the plan, which will be the topic of tomorrow’s meeting, is available for review here. You can comment on the plan in person at the meeting, or submit comments online.

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  1. Fascinating how $55BILLION in Federal Aid to Sandy Victims still has not been spent, $250MILLION raised by the RED CROSS for SANDY VICTIMS has not been spent, no one knows what happened to the Millions from the 12/12/12 Sandy Aid Concert, the Millions in foreign donations no one can say where a penny went – But millions are being spent on hearings, administrative personnel and studies to spend $680 Million that was supposed to be turned over to homeowners to rebuild and reimburse them. That has since been increased by another $1.6 BILLION with Congressman Grimm asking for another $600 MILLION all the while OVER $55 BILLION has yet to be spent in 13 months since the storm. Not a single victim has received any money from the Community block grants.

    The people who needed the money were screwed first by their insurance companies, then FEMA and now the City and State as they loot the Sandy Treasure chest for television spots for one praising NY’s “Recovery” with the rest having absolutely no accounting for. The scammers and politically connected have made vast fortunes while the people this money was stolen from received nothing but empty promises.

    I am still laughing at the “overtime” fortunes that Police received for sitting in their cars drinking coffee while so many neighborhoods were looted. But hey only the little people pay the taxes that pay the money that gets pilfered.

  2. What I did not see in the plan is a timeline. Additionally, the homeowner initiatives mentioned in the report (i.e.: raising homes) said that financial assistance or loans or grants would be provided. I have now gut rehabbd my home twice. I am at the point where I will not recoup one more dollar that I spend on my home because my house will simply not appreciate another $30,000 or $60,000 needed to raise it. Sandy victims don’t need another loan. They either need the City/State to come along side them and raise the homes that were affected. Alternatively, the City/State needs to be transparent enough to state that of all the funds given/raised/set aside cannot be used to raise homes so those who need to make the tough decisions can determine to sell their homes and move and not wait another year, two years, three years to find out nothing is available to them. The City & State want neighborhood stability, but the homeowners simply can’t bear the costs alone. God knows we simply can’t absorb the cost to do this again.

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