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Tomorrow: Sheepshead Bay’s 9/11 Memorial Service

2009's Memorial Service // Photo by Ray Johnson

The 9th Anniversary of the September 11 attacks is upon us, and organizers have scheduled the Sheepshead Bay 9/11 Memorial and Candlelight Vigil for tomorrow, 6:30 p.m., rain or shine.

Attendees are gathering in the Bill Brown Park handball court at Avenue X and Bedford Avenue, in front of the memorial wall painted by Rockin’ Fay Fiore, which features the names of locals who perished during the tragic event nine years ago.

On a personal note, much has happened over the past year to inflame tensions in the community. But September 11 is a day that I would hope we can all put aside our differences and come together as neighbors to honor those who have fallen. I’ll be at the memorial and I hope to see many of you there, too.

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  1. Ya gotta love Rockin Rays CAR… it makes me smile when I hear him coming down a block…

    On a serious note… remember the fallen… God Bless the NYPD, FDNY, PAPD, and EMS.. thank you!

  2. It always upset me that the flag on that memorial wall is not accurate. The Union (stars portion) of the flag should be 7 bars in height.
    It would be appropriate for an american memorial, to have an accurate looking flag on it

  3. Thanks so much Ned! FYI -The Brooklyn/Bedford Park 9/11 Memorial Committee is proud to welcome the Colorguard from the USS New York! Please join us as we pay tribute to the ship built, in part, from steel of the World Trade Center and – of course, our first responders.

  4. I’m so sorry Greg. Please understand that Ray started painting on September 11, 2001 in the dark and in grief. It really did come from the heart. Please don’t be upset.

  5. You know, I was always thinking, Its a wonder how long the handball memorial wall has gone without being defaced and the possibility is always in the back of my mind. Is there anything we can do to preserve the wall? Perhaps some layer of gloss over it? Or a high definition panoramic digital photo.

    If that part of the Park is ever renovated or changed there should be some way we can 100% make sure the wall is preserved even if it has to be moved.

  6. Hi Arthur. First let me say that the Parks Department has been phenomenal in not painting over it, so we are eternally grateful! I’m sure Ray has a plan for the 10th anniversary to try to preserve the wall. We’ll wait and see!

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