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Tomorrow: Sheepshead Bay – Plumb Beach Civic Holds Monthly Meeting



The Sheepshead Bay – Plumb Beach Civic Association will hold its monthly meeting tomorrow, March 4, at 7:45 p.m. in the community room of the Waterford on the Bay (2900 Bragg Street).

All are invited, and refreshments will be served.

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  1. If you are not a victim of Hurricane Sandy, don’t waste your time going to meeting or paying dues to this org. The whole group is hijacked by washed out home owners who spend every meeting talking about the lack of response by state and city governments. As if there aren’t other problems in the community, such as crumbling streets, creeky roads like the Belt Parkway and lousy public transportation. I am sympathetic to them but the majority of the Bay was not storm damaged and deserve some attention by our civic group too.

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