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Today: Primary Election Day – Find Your Poll Site Here!


Well, I just got back from casting my vote in today’s primary election, and, as of 9:15 a.m., only five other people had voted at my polling station.

Let’s pick it up, Sheepshead Bay! Let’s prove to New York City and New York State that our area has a voice and we will use it!

For many in our coverage area, the only races going on are the primary battles between sitting Assemblyman Steven Cymbrowitz and his upstart opponent Ben Akselrod, as well as the race for male district leader, between incumbent Mike Geller and challenger Ari Kagan.

Polls will be open to 9:00 p.m.

To find out if you’re eligible to vote, where your polling station is, and what races are in your district, use New York City’s Poll Site Locator & Sample Ballot Display tool.


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  1. Or in my district either, according to the Board of Elections, which I don’t trust, so called the League of Women Voters…my district voted June 26th. Still don’t understand why. 

  2. Grr disqus.

    District 45 Democratic Primary.
    53 out of 70 Precincts Reporting  (76%)

    Steve Cymbrowitz – 1,424 (52%)
    Ben Akselrod – 1289 (48%)

    Will try to update if official count is updated.

  3.  With 68/70 (97%) of precincts reporting WNYC has called the race for Steve Cymbrowitz.

    Steve Cymbrowitz – 1,654 (52%)
    Ben Akselrod – 1509 (48%)

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