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Thursday: Schools Closed, Alternate Side Parking Rules Suspended, Partial Mass Transit Restored


For the fourth day in a row – and the third since the storm hit Monday night – all New York City public schools will be closed. They will remain closed on Friday as well.

Alternate side parking regulations will be suspended, but meters and all other parking regulations remain in effect. (Corrected)

The city is making scheduled garbage collections as storm conditions permit. Recycling collections are suspended. All recycling should be stored until further notice.

The MTA is partially restoring subway service, as are other area agencies. No subways will be crossing bridges or tunnels into Manhattan, and there will not be any service in Manhattan south of the 34th Street. However, the MTA will run shuttle buses to connect the lines.

The MTA’s subway service map post-Sandy – a depressing site – can be found here. Here’s WNYC’s handy tool to keep track of subway, bus and other transit options:

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Correction (11/1/2012 @ 9:20 a.m.): The original version of this post indicated that parking meter regulations would not be enforced. That was incorrect. Beginning today, all parking meter regulations are being enforced.

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  1. How are people getting to midtown from sheepshead bay? My work expects me in tomorrow, though not sure how that’s possible…

  2. I am also interested in knowing. We are not getting internet and my smart phone is only allowing me to visit certain sites….hop stop and mta info aer not among them. Anybody know which bus to take? Or what bus to take to get to atlantic pacific st? Around Barclays center? Thanks!

  3. You have the option to take the F train to Jay St, then a shuttle bus onward. The BM3 Express Bus from Brooklyn to Manhattan is running but it may not be going as far as Midtown.

  4. I went to work on the express bm3 yesterday. It was so convenient but don’t expect it to be easy getting back from manhattan to Brooklyn. I waited for hours and did not see one bm3 last night. I get off work at 5 and returned home at 10 and Not by bus. I had my dad come and picked me up b/c there were no express bus coming back. I think there was some service change. Last stop is at pearl st which is somewhere near the bridge. It was a nightmare!

  5. What did did you take the bus from Brooklyn? And did it go as far as Midtown? If I can at least take it on the way there, that’s fine. Thanks!

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