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Three Pedestrians Injured After Car Jumps Curb On Ocean Avenue

Photo: TheRealSappy/Twitter

Police are investigating the cause of a Saturday evening accident, in which a car veered onto an Ocean Avenue sidewalk and struck three people.

The accident happened at approximately 4:30 between 5:00 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. Saturday at Ocean Avenue and Voorhies Avenue, and left three people injured.

One of the victims is in critical condition.

Police closed down Ocean Avenue from Avenue Z to Shore Parkway for approximately an hour, readers told Sheepshead Bites.

Authorities were still investigating what caused the driver to go off the road as of Sunday afternoon.

UPDATE (11:05 a.m.): NYPD sources have confirmed that the victims were three females, aged 27, 15 and 14. They were all taken to Lutheran Medical Center, with the two younger victims in stable condition. The 27-year-old is in critical condition.

Police also revealed that the car, a 2000 black Nissan, was traveling north on Ocean Avenue when the 66-year-old driver blew through a red light, mounted the curb and struck the victims.

There is no indication that the driver was under the influence of any kind of drug or alcohol, the police source noted, though he was issued a summons for failure to stop at a red light. It is currently being investigated as an accident, though additional charges may be leveled at the driver as the investigation unfolds.

Correction: (3/29/2013 at 10:41 a.m.): The 15-year-old victim, still in the hospital, left a comment below correcting the time stated above. It was between 5:00 and 5:30 p.m., she said, and not 4:30 p.m. as we previously reported.

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  1. Jesus, i was wondering what had happen. What a shame, hope they are all alright, except the driver, i hope karma comes back and bites him in the ass very hard, if he was under the influence.

  2. Too many red light runners, people not stopping at stop signs, people on their cell phones, talking & txting and speeding. Hey Bloomberg, stop with the soda size and start with this and then fix the roads while your at it. I’ll buy you some water or unsweetened tea if you do.

  3. oh and people double parking on roads where buses run and encroaching on bus rights of way.

    man, these things will never change unless people start dying in droves and/r people start wearing t-shirts bearing political cartoons denouncing these things..or start taking peoples licenses away more and for longer periods of time, stop giving people so many fscking chances after they have inconvenienced, injured, and/r hurt enough people already by doing wrong on the road. the less I am on the road as a vehicle operator the better I feel about life

  4. I wonder is a police officer witnessed the incident. I thought that was necessary for a summons to be issued.

  5. I really think people will only change when it hits their wallet (big time) or jail time. People have almost (or have) become indifferent to murder & death. Everybody makes mistakes and everybody going to possibly be in an accident in their lifetime, but running red lights, running stop signs and generally hazardous driving has become the norm. They are giving out drivers licenses like gum. You don’t even know how to read or speak English and you can easily get a DL. On another note…Horn honking has also become an epidemic! Slow down people…think about what your doing…your life might not be important to you, but mine and my family’s is. Get off the freakin’ phone. Nothing, i mean nothing is so important that you have to txt or talk without blue tooth or a headset. Don’t txt at all when operating a moving vehicle! Should be a national law.

  6. We shouldn’t jump to conclusions until all the facts are in. While there could have been numerous causes where the driver was at fault, he also could have suffered a sudden unpredictable medical condition and was not able to stop, or the vehicles brakes could have failed.

    It’s just very unfortunate when these things happen and we should seek to prevent them in the future if at all possible. We would like to believe that is always the case but some are just unpreventable.

  7. putting people in jail would be politically difficult. it would be politically easier to introduce legislation to create more reasons to revoke a person’s license. that way whoever was doing wrong on the road is kept off the road for a while (with the length of the ban increasing exponentially with each infraction) and people see the problems they run up against if they do wrong on the road since no license means no driving to places you cannot reach except by car, no convenience provided by the car, no picking up one’s kids or spouse at school or whatever, no a lot of things. that is when they see the writing on the wall. super rich people may be immune to increased fines, but nobody is immune to license revocation unless they pay off the police/govt.

  8. Completely off topic (and I apologize for that) — I saw you play once at the Bratva Bar in Coney. ‘Drei is a friend of mine from high school, so he invited me. Great show. I ended up buying the disc — your cover of “I Fought The Law” was sublime. Just had to throw that out there.

  9. I do indeed and I’ve shared this opinion before. There is no way to refute that the elderly have slowed reflexes and degrading cognitive skills. Age doesn’t effect everyone equally so i begrudgingly agree that simply taking away licensees for drivers over 60 is not fair, but at the very least a driving test every 2 years till 70 and then every year after that will make sure that those with diminished capacity are removed from the roads long before they become a danger.

    My grandfather finally gave up his car last year after a slew of minor accidents that were thankfully only embarrassing with minor damage to his vehicle. What if he had hurt someone seriously?

    I’m not going to dive further into my family’s personal stuff but I can tell you that everyone should be thankful that he wasn’t driving anymore recently.

    So yea, it might be a “taboo” political issue but that’s bunk. There are a million and one logical and good reasons why people of advanced age shouldn’t be driving. As technology improves and vehicles gain safety features like “AUTOPILOT” and Collision Avoidance that cover for driver error then we can revisit the issue.

    Hell, Google has got self driving cars around the friggin corner already.

  10. And how do you determine which ones are not? By testing them all, repeatedly and often. Please see my reply to BrooklynBus for more…

  11. I was not a witness, but i lived in the building right next to this. According to what i saw, the 27 year old woman was questioned variously by about 20 other people to see if she can respond if she is alive or with amnesia. She, unfortunately, did not respond, and what i saw, she did not breathe. It took the NYPD, FDNY, and the Ambulance to come after 10 minutes, and took the paramedics about 20 minutes to put her in an ambulance, and find out where to go and why. I completely disagree with this because it’s bad enough that an 3 innocent pedestrians was harmed, but to take your precious time and waste it on talking is simply garbage. The other 2 innocent pedestrians were also hurt but not as badly, thank god. After this terrific incident, anyone could have gotten hurt. One 14 year old girl, was barely injured, and another 15 year old girl, faced i believe 2 broken bones. In addition to poor paramedics, they decided to take her the 3 to Lutheran Medical Center, which really far away.

  12. I then later on realized that when the paramedics came to help, they flipped her over and her face was covered in blood. As i overheard a witness speak with an officer: “I was just driving by, and i saw the car, the woman yelled loudly and didn’t have the time to react, when flying, banging her head against the window shield and flopping on the curb with a big bang, face first”. As i also overheard the 14 year old girl telling the firefighters: “We were just walking from RiteAid, we see the car, we tried to run, but it just hit us. I think it lost control”, sobbing with tears she managed to say.

    *Please note that the comments may not be exact, as for i only overheard them and made a brief summary*

  13. they must periodically test the non-elderly as well. I am non-elderly and I have a license. I barely drive, but I do not care. I would do the periodic tests anyway. the only questions are how often (I was thinking anywhere in the neighborhood of 1 to 5 years) and whether they should cover at least some of the costs for licensed persons who do not own vehicles, especially low-income licensed persons who do not own vehicles.

  14. Thank you ES. We are playing in Bay Ridge at Schnitzel Haus on Fri., May 3 @ 9 pm. Drei, Keith Crupi & Myself. Come on down. I liked playing close to home @ Bratva (now Coney Island Bar & Grill) and loved playing in Coney Island, but for the money they were paying us and people we would draw they seemed indifferent. Maybe we’ll try it again or another Coney Island venue this summer. Thanks again, ML P.S. I hope those hit by this driver have a full recovery.

  15. I really don’t want to put anybody in jail, but it’s getting to the point that it’s a serious quality of life issue. If the person that hit these people on the sidewalk had a medical problem then i totally stand corrected and i was basing it on what the early reports were. That doesn’t change the fact that people have been speeding, crashing and dying on Ocean Parkway, the BQE and (put your street here!). Remember when Giuliani did his quality of life initiative and then Bloomy followed with his and they busted people for putting their feet up on a subway seat or a pregnant mom for sitting on subway stairs…etc? Well, they should be concentrating on drivers. Forget red light cameras (that we the tax payers pay for) and let people know that laws will be enforced at a cost.

  16. The 27 year old girl is in very critical condition. Doctors gave her 1%… She keep fighting for her life.

  17. I have a feeling the State of New York should get involved since their Legislature could be instrumental.

  18. And there are a million and one reasons why car service drivers should be tested repeatedly. Evidently, disregard of traffic law, impatience, no clue on how to use turn signals, and just general lack of common courtesy, are all required of car service drivers. Not specifying one service or another, but I’m getting tired of almost getting run over while crossing the street, or passed, or cut off by car service and delivery drivers, those illegally parked on SB Road, who glare at you as you try to get between them, and the buses coming the other way, because they have to talk to each other in the street. I used to drive for a company, so I know all about the fact that the faster you dump one fare, the faster you get another.
    While we’re at it, how about 18-30 year olds, who think it’s their right to drive 40 or 50 MPH on residential streets? I don’t see much by you when one of them kills or maims someone by running red lights, and stop signs, (Ave U recently). Is there a reason for that?
    Give it a break and just admit you don’t like older people, sorry for whoever pi$$ed you off that much.

  19. Since when is sixty old? Guess i shoukdn’t have just bought a new car since according to you i should be selling it in a year and a half? Sixty was considered old around 1900. Retesting should start at 70. And how about mandatory written tests for everyone every five years just to re-familiarize them with the rules of the road like the pedestrian has the right of way.

    But what about someone with a license who has not driven in 10 years? Wouldn’t he be a little rusty also? Isn’t he a danger also? I think statistics show at the elderly are relatively safe drivers, because most realize thir limitations and take it easy as opposed to young people who think life is as portrayed in the movies where you can drive like a maniac and nothing bad will happen and you will walk away with a scrape after your car turns over ten times.

  20. On any given weekend, watch the 11 pm news and likely you will see a story about a yellow cab in the city jumping the curb and mowing down innocent pedestrians. The reason is often excessive speed plus crossing multiple lanes to get a fare. As recent statistics reported in all the newspapers show, the NYPD gives out very few speeding tickets but loads of tickets for Tinted Windows and Cell Phone use. This type of traffic enforcement is known as “low hanging fruit” or “Lazy Cop Syndrome”.

  21. You don’t really need to donate money. I mean it’s fine but not necessary since that car’s insurance company will pay for everything. You only need to have a lawyer who’ll take the case asap. I hope you already do.

  22. I was involved in an accident with a car service guy… who didn’t even have a VALID LICENSE!!! All he had was a passport!

  23. I am the 15 year old that got hit. I am still at a hospital to this day. I broke 2 bones in my right leg and received surgery on Sunday.On Monday I had to transfer to Miamonides which is another hospital because I didn’t have enough oxygen in my blood.The time that the accident happened is wrong because it happened at 5-5:30pm. I love how the article said that I am in stable condition when I am in a lot of pain and not “stable”

  24. In your case stable means your condition isn’t life-threatening. Get well.
    By a chance do you have any news about the older girl?

  25. Angelina, thanks for the note. We changed the time above to reflect your correction. The reference to “stable” condition is indeed a technical description that means your injuries are not life-threatening or near life threatening, but, believe me, I don’t doubt for a second that you are in pain and my heart goes out to you. I hope you have a fast recovery, with no lasting effects from this. Be well.

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