This Week’s B & Q Subway Changes


Q train
It’s Monday! Which means a whole new week of subway challenges. Careful if you’re taking the B – service ends early through Thursday, plus other changes to look out for, via the MTA:

Starting Monday:

Service ends early for the B train
Late evenings, Monday, July 28 to Thursday, July 31
145th Street-bound B train service ends at 9:06pm at Brighton Beach, 9:18pm at Church Avenue, 9:28pm at DeKalb Avenue, and 9:40pm at West 4th Street. Brighton Beach-bound B train service ends at 9:23pm at 145th Street, 9:38pm at 59th Street, 9:48pm at West 4th Street, and 10pm at DeKalb Avenue. Take the D or the Q instead.

Starting Tuesday:

No Q trains between 57th Street-7th Avenue and Ditmars Boulevard
Days, 10am to 3pm, Tuesday, July 29 through Friday, August 1
Q service operates between Stillwell Avenue and 57th Street-7th Avenue. Take the N instead. Transfer between trains at Times Square-42nd Street (across the platform).

Starting Wednesday:

Coney Island-bound Q trains run express from Prospect Park to Kings Highway
Days, 9:45am to 3pm, Wednesday to Friday, until August 8
Trains stop at Church Avenue and Newkirk Plaza. For service to Parkside Avenue, Beverley Road, Cortelyou Road, Avenue H, Avenue J, and Avenue M, take the Q to Church Avenue, Newkirk Plaza, or Kings Highway and transfer to a Manhattan-bound B or Q. For service from these stations, take the B or Q to Newkirk Plaza, Church Avenue or Prospect Park and transfer to a Coney Island-bound Q.

145 Street-bound B trains run local from Kings Highway to Prospect Park
Days, 9:45am to 3pm, Wednesday to Friday, until August 8

Remember, the subways can be one big ball of surprises, so be sure to check the MTA’s website before heading out.

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