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This Weekend’s Open House Picks


1412 ditmas avenue dining room via brown harris stevens
We’ve rounded up some of the more interesting open houses happening in and around Ditmas Park this Sunday. Any thoughts on these places?


415 Argyle Road #6T
List Price: $335,000, $597 maintenance
Size: One bed, one bath
Details: Judging by the photo supplied, this sixth floor co-op unit features gorgeous wood floors, windows straight across the walls, and a healthy bit of foliage outside for those who’d like a little extra nature with their city home. The cat-friendly building, which has a courtyard and parking available, is close to amenities on Cortelyou (any neighbors care to weigh in on noise from fire trucks on Argyle?). We’re curious about the $40,000 price bump on June 10, but you’ll have to decide if it’s worth it yourself.
Open House: Sunday, June 22 from 12-2pm (call ahead)

1735 Caton Avenue, #6A
List Price: $489,000, $363 common charges
Size: Two bedrooms, two bathrooms
Details: We saw two/twos in other locations this week hovering around the $700,000 mark, so on price alone this seemed like a relative bargain… but the listing says it’s only 697 sq ft. A number of large windows certainly make the place seem bright and airy and you will have outdoor space in the form of a balcony, but we’re guessing that extra basement storage included with the place is going to be necessary. The building is right near the Parade Ground as well as Church Avenue–an area that’s handy to transportation, food, and shopping, but has also experienced its share of problems in the past. Taking all that into account, what do you think of $489,000?
Open House: Sunday, June 22 from 12-1:30pm


827 Beverley Road
List Price: $1,189,000
Size: Six beds, four baths
Details: This Kensington border home features some of the details you might seek out in an older property, but has received some recent mechanical upgrades, too. There’s a separate first floor apartment if you’re looking for a tenant to help pay off that mortgage, and plenty of parking space for all house inhabitants in the driveway and garage–plus the basement sounds roomy enough for a workshop or ample storage, and the terrace will be the perfect spot to relax all summer long.
Open House: Sunday, June 22 from 2:30-4pm

1412 Ditmas Avenue
List Price: $1,800,000
Size: Seven bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms
Details: Holy cow, this home is a stunner. The wood staircase with built in bench, the pocket doors, beamed ceiling, mantel, and wainscoting, the moulding around everything, and how about those inlaid floors in the dining room? Besides pretty, it’s practical–the kitchen has been recently updated, and the basement sounds like a very functional family space. Location-wise, this place is smack between transportation and amenities on Newkirk Plaza and Cortelyou Road–so you can easily go out for dinner, or just grab some food to throw on the grill in what sounds like an absolutely lovely backyard.
Open House: Saturday, June 21 from 2-4pm and Sunday, June 22 from 2:30-4:30pm

Photo via Brown Harris Stevens

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  1. “any neighbors care to weigh in on noise from fire trucks on Argyle?”

    Sure. You never hear them.

  2. 1412 Ditmas may be a stunner on the inside, but the price needs to come down several hundred thousand to make up for the ugly exterior.

  3. Nothing at all is wrong with people paying this much. However plenty is wrong with haters who for whatever reason seem to be rooting for our area to be perceived as a POS neighborhood where you only want to pay a pittance per square foot.

  4. These prices reflect the fact that more people want to move into our neighborhood then there are available houses and condos. It’s simple economics and a vote of confidence in the area, just as new businesses opening in the area, and existing businesses upgrading their stores.

  5. Yeah, you’re right… “simple economics” explain how a very simple 1 bedroom apartment in a very characterless but pleasant enough building (415 Argyle – i used to live there as a co-op subletter for a couple years) requires an annual income of about $100k.

  6. To take the ugly permastone front off that Ditmas Avenue home and restore the porch is going to cost a forttune. Anyway, I don’t think the broker pricing it at $1.8 million is in touch with reality.

  7. Actually, yes, simple economics does explain that. Google “supply and demand” and get back to us with your learnings.

  8. Location, location, location. Our area is “nice” enough (also diverse, ultra-liberal, etc.) that people who have a choice over where to live prefer to be here rather than somewhere else.

    Nice, desirable area, and keeps getting better -> increasing prices. Violence-ridden gang-infested blight -> extremely low prices. And obviously, vary degrees in between.

    The bottom line is, If compared to other sought-after areas of Brooklyn (such as the heights, bococa, williamsburg, dumbo, ‘the slope’), prices per sqft in ditmas are not obscene in any possible way, they actually look like quite a bargain.

  9. Oh, please. I saw the house last weekend–the front is not permastone, it’s marble. It’s a great house. The dining room, especially, is amazing.

  10. Apples and oranges. There is no one competing to buy the bottle of wine or the track ball. When there are multiple people looking to buy in a desirable neighborhood like ours, the prices go up (sometimes bid up by purchasers). It then becomes simple economics: supply is limited, demand increases, prices go up. When an area becomes overbuilt, like Las Vegas or parts of Florida, and the demand stays the same or goes down, the prices go down. Simple….ask your seventh grade teacher.

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