This Weekend’s B & Q Subway Service Changes


beverley subway tracks by bethstuebben
Hey, this isn’t such a bad one! Make it through tomorrow, and the rest of the weekend should be smooth sailing. Details on changes via

All times:

Coney Island-bound Q platforms at Parkside Avenue, Beverley Road, and Cortelyou Road are closed for renovation
All times, beginning 11:45pm Friday, February 21 until early Summer

For service to these stations, take the Q to Church Avenue or Newkirk Plaza and transfer to a Manhattan-bound Q.

For service from these stations, take the Q to Church Avenue or Prospect Park and transfer to a Coney Island-bound Q.

Through Friday:

No Q Trains between 57th St-7th Ave and Ditmars Blvd
Days, 10am-3pm Tuesday, May 27 to Friday, May 30

Service operates between 57th St-7th Ave and Stillwell Ave. Take the N instead.

Coney Island-bound Q trains skip Avenues H, J, M, U, and Neck Road
Days, 9:45am-3pm, Wednesday to Friday until May 30

For service to these stations, take the Q to Kings Highway or Sheepshead Bay and transfer to a Manhattan-bound B or Q. For service from these stations, take the B or Q to Kings Highway or Newkirk Plaza and transfer to a Coney Island-bound Q.

145 St-bound B trains run local from Sheepshead Bay to Prospect Park 
Days, 9:45am-3pm, Wednesday to Friday until May 30

Please allow additional travel time.

Sometimes scheduled changes get cancelled. Check for the latest updates.

Photo by bethstuebben

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  1. It looks like they are wrapping up at the Beverly & Cortelyou stations? Does anyone know of an updated timetable?

  2. I emailed with a few MTA reps earlier in the week about it, who could only say “Work is ongoing, and we are on schedule to reopen these Q line stations in early summer 2014. We will keep you updated.”

    It’s a little weird that they can be on schedule for something without even an approximate date range, but from your observations, maybe they will surprise us with an earlier reopening than anticipated. Fingers crossed.

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