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Snowman by nyahzul on Instagram

Hope you’re all having a great, if snowy, 2014 so far! Keep up with neighborhood news every week this year — follow us on TwitterFacebook, and Instagram, sign up for our daily newsletter, and email us with questions, news tips, story ideas, or anything at

Here’s a look back at some stories you might have missed this week:

• It snowed!

• The most interesting stories from Park Slope in the past year.

• A look at the businesses that opened and closed in the neighborhood in 2013.

• And all the TV shows and movies that filmed here.

• 7th Avenue got some fancy new recycling bins.

• Take a class from The Walk-In Cookbook and support CHiPS.

• The new schools chancellor was appointed right here at MS 51.

• Like to run in January? There’s a half-marathon you might be interested in.

• The first NYC baby of the year was born at Methodist!

• Keep handy for the next storm: Where to get a sled & the best hills in Prospect Park.

• Keep handy for all of winter: The best places to get hot chocolate.

• A look at the year in pictures.

• Finally, if you’re looking to make a charitable donation this year, consider keeping your money local.

Photo by nyahzul

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