This Sunday, Join Sycamore For Their First Ever Star Sign Party


sycamore star sign parties

“Who they attractin’ with that line, ‘What’s your name, what’s your sign?'” is the famous question asked by The Notorious B.I.G. in his 1994 hit Big Poppa, and it’s still relevant 20 years later. Starting this June 15, though, our friends at Sycamore (1118 Cortelyou Road between Stratford and Westminster Roads) are aiming to put the dispute to rest with their inaugural star sign party!

This month, the bash centers around Geminis “and those who love them.” Beginning at 8pm on Sunday, May 21-June 21 babies will receive tarot readings and special happy hour prices all night–and those born the day of will get, says Sycamore, “extra special treatment.”

A quick search reveals that compatible signs for the Gemini include the Libra and the Aquarius, but that the Taurus, the Cancer, the Leo, and the Pisces might want to proceed with caution. No worries, though–there are parties for Cancers, Leos, and so on scheduled for each 15th of the month through November.

Image via Sycamore

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