This Saturday, Check Out A Pollinator Safari With The Flatbush Gardener


bee via ditmasparkcorner
On Saturday, June 21, Chris Kreussling  (aka the Flatbush Gardener) will be opening his garden gates to a number of lucky neighbors interested in learning about the ecosystem within.

The Pollinator Safari event, organized in honor of National Pollinator Week, will introduce attendees to the “over 100 species and cultivars, shrubs, ferns, grasses and wildflowers” Chris has planted in his once-empty yard at Stratford Road and Matthews Court. Aspiring beekeepers can learn about how different bugs interact with particular plants, and get tips on cultivating their own insect-friendly garden.

The 11am event is free, but space is limited–so secure your spot ahead of time here.

Photo via ditmasparkcorner

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