Southern Brooklyn

The Worst Is Over


Well, folks, we survived. It’s a bit past midnight and from what we can see, the waters are beginning to recede, power is coming back slowly and the long clean up is beginning. Hell, Jay Leno is back on the air.

But, we’re not done yet. The water level of the ocean and bay is still higher than normal and the winds are still gusting. Tomorrow morning will bring a new high tide and another surge.

Thank you for all your tips and photographs. We’ll be putting together more posts full of your photos in the coming days. While we love getting information from your vantage points, please don’t endanger yourself to get us tips. Use your head when taking photographs. Don’t enter any standing water. Stay away from downed wires. The winds may be gone, but the danger is still there. Stay safe.

Stay home if you can and keep reading Sheepshead Bites for the latest news on Hurricane Sandy and its aftermath.