Park Slope

The Week on the Stoop


photo credit: LienaZ

The public schools launched a new text messaging program to keep parents informed. Sadly, they have yet to launch a corresponding set of school lunch menu emojis.

After three dark years, the Park Slope library is ready for checkout.

Terroir remains very committed to the memory of the fallen Great Lakes.

Park Slope Parents warned: there’s scandal in Nannyland!

We remembered 9/11.

Fleisher’s will teach you how to slaughter your very own chicken. If you’re good, you’ll get to de-feather it, too.

The Civic Council is having a fundraiser.

We looked for two missing cats.

Rats are taking over the neighborhood. But will they work their own coop shifts?

We considered taking some cute flats from the street (and decided against it).

It’s time for another round of participatory budgeting!

We got up close and personal with the state of the economy.

Young literati are set to read at Old Stone House.

We idly contemplated the best place for a Brooklyn Apple store.

Amateur mapmakers shaped some neighborhoods.

We stopped taking our stoops for granted.

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