Park Slope

The Week on the Stoop


Prospect Park, via Treetop Mom

The Pavilion wants to ply us with alcohol.

The police are looking for the vandals who caused $100,000 of damage at Green-Wood Cemetery.

Top score! The best pinball in the city is ours!

The NYPD are not interested in our old VHS tapes.

The New York Times: Fighting West Nile, east of the Gowanus.

The Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival is almost here (and it’s going to be hilarious).

Wanted to buy the Squid and the Whale house? You’re a day late and $3.45M short.

The Park Slope Civic Council is wooing us with civility and wine.

Terroir is set to open this week, causing us all to talk about something other than Pork Slope. Maybe.

Rupert Murdoch worried about our wireless access.

“Girls” took a Park Slope field trip.

Park Slope Patrick Stewart: because Feminist Ryan Gosling isn’t for everyone.

Brunch with a side of unacceptable labor practices? Sexual harassment allegations surfaced against Juventino.

It’s happening: the North Slope Basset Association’s meeting of the hounds.

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