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The “Very Good Girls” Trailer Is Out & It’s Ditmas Park-a-licious


Neighbors Brian Bouton and Dan Feldman sent over the trailer for Very Good Girls, the coming-of-age film starring Dakota Fanning and Elizabeth Olsen that shot in Prospect Park South in the summer of 2012.

One of the most spectacular, most filmed homes on Albemarle is visible around the 14 second mark, points out Brian, who saw some of the VGG filming taking place–including what looks like a pivotal scene on Buckingham and Church in which Dakota Fanning’s character is (creepily?) wooed by her love interest.

Deadline says the film (also starring Demi Moore, Ellen Barkin, Peter Sarsgaard, Richard Dreyfuss, Kiernan Shipka, and Clark Gregg, is being released on Video on Demand platforms June 24, and will be at select theaters on July 25.

The movie was well-received by Film.com’s Amanda Mae Meyncke (who calls it “a triumphant first film” by director Naomi Foner), but elicited mixed feelings from ScreenDaily’s Tim Grierson (“[Foner] shows real feeling for the complexity of female friendships, but one wishes there was bit more zest to the proceedings”). Will you be watching it?

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  1. I’ll wait for Netflix. I remember watching the shoot–Demi was having one of her family tabloid dramas, and the paparazzi were gathered across the street like vultures. Horrible dead-eyed vultures. Made me feel genuinely sorry for celebs who are their prey.

  2. The “poor celebs” crave the attention for the most part, to the point of hiring fake paps to follow them in hope of generating interest on the part of the real ones.

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