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The Sheepshead Fish Is A Disturbing Fish Indeed


Today I learned some interesting things about the Sheepshead fish. Not only is it the  fish our beloved little neighborhood is named after, but it is also one of the scariest looking fish found in the ocean.

First, it has disturbing horror-house human teeth as you can see in the video above. Scary to imagine what that fish could do to your finger.

Second, it’s known as the “convict fish,” thanks to its silvery black and white stripes. Hmmm… sorta pretty.

Source: mentalblock_dmd flickr via

Lastly, while it’s not entirely clear why it’s called a Sheepshead, apparently someone thought the fish’s teeth look that that of a sheep. (Googling Sheep’s Teeth is kinda scary.)

To read more about these somewhat gross details and everything else you can imagine about the Sheepshead fish, visit the excellent blog entry by Becky Crew done for Scientific American by clicking here.

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  1. Only once have I ever seen Sheepshead on a menu – in a fish restaurant in Florida, the same place where I proved to my husband that “fish cheeks” weren’t some inside joke my family was playing on him.

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