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This just in from our man on the street…

In the search for Maksim Gelman, The NYPD is in the process of a city wide response to today’s stabbings and car jacking.

The police have closed Ave Y from Bedford to Ocean Avenues and are using those blocks as a staging area and command post. Police cars from the entire city are now converging on Sheepshead Bay and are actively searching a 150 block radius of the crime scenes.

This is a breaking news story and may have inaccuracies. It is subject to change. If you have information, photos or video, please e-mail us at nberke [at] sheepsheadbites [dot] com.

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  1. According to Gothamist maps, the woman he struck along Ocean Ave. is likely to die, and he slashed a 50 year old man for the green car he jacked. The NYPD has K9 units, helicopters and ESU out in force…

  2. I love your site! You seem to be the only site that has all of the information. The Daily News, The NY Post, NBC News and all other sites seem to be getting their stories jumbled. It’s pathetic! Was your guy taking pics of the Eyewitness News Van on Ocean?

  3. But, they might shoot him.

    Its better to have him SUFFER in jail and get is ASS raped ( over and over and over again)

  4. The “playground” is under construction right now. It’s not a park anymore. Adults are not allowed into it without children

  5. Hey BkCat, yeah, better he suffer in jail, on the taxpayer dime, then receive some instant brooklyn justice. I’ve read some stupid ass comments on this site, but today you truly earn the moniker, “dumbest motherf*cker to post”. you bring to mind a line from the hangover- “you are too stupid to insult”.

    Isn’t it an eye for an eye, dumbshit?

    Not an ass-raping for an eye.

    now go get your shinebox

  6. If he is killed, he will not suffer.

    If he lives, he may.

    Death Penalty is an option
    Stone to death woul dhave been an option in Iran.

    Tax payers will pay for his lawyers, medical , dental, room and board in jail

  7. where did you hear that?

    If he is on a suicide mission, he may kill more innocent victims before killing him self

  8. All indicators suggest that they have not found him and he has not killed himself (to the PD’s knowledge). Search continues. Continual redeployment. K-9 unit sent to East 15th and H for perp search – not sure if it’s related. IMPACT units sent to Ave R and East 17th. This all in the last 20 minutes.

    He appears to still be on the lam.

  9. They seem to have found the Bonneville, all I heard was E 15th Street, no Avenue, so he could be down by H, near the college?

  10. I do THINK they found the car on East 15th between H and I, but can’t confirm. Could also mean he got on the train, which makes things a lot more difficult for the police. AGAIN – ALL UNCONFIRMED AT THIS POINT!

  11. With so much media attention plastering his face, he will have a hard time walking the streets in the area.

    He may try to skip town.

  12. Who: I’m talikng about you.

    What: BrooklynCat was agreeing that this Gelman guy should suffer forever. So you have called another poster “dumbest motherf*cker to post” and “dumbshit” for absolutely nothing.

    Are you this easy to unwind in real life too?

  13. jerkoff im actually stated the complete opposite- he shouldn’t suffer, he shouldn’t be repeatedly ass [email protected] He should be cut down in a blaze of nypd bullets, a fitting end to a sad sad day in the bay

  14. oh, i see, you never learned what sarcasm is….why dont u try rereading my original reply to the BK Cat.

    Unwind that.

    This group, while entertaining, is truly NOT the intelligencia of the neighborhood…

  15. The American way is Innocent till proven guilty -vs- guilty till proven innocent.

    This Mother Fu—er will get Tax payers lawyer, tax payer shelter, tax payer medical attention, food and etc.

    Killing him would end his suffering.

    He should be Ass raped ever hour on the hour.
    No good night sleep.

    If he was in Iran or in some other countries, He would suffer.

    In the USA, if he gets abused by prison guard, he may sue the state or city.

    You have a point that maybe its cheaper to kill him and that is it.

    But, I think, he should suffer and suffer and suffer and suffer.

    He is a danger to society and public safety.

    He will probably stab MORE innocent victims before getting caught
    Either he took the train or will try to find a car. ( its too cold for him to walk around)

    I and many of the sheepshead bay community memebers would love to kick this SCUM Bag’s ass

    he is a strong Man killing women?
    He is a strong man running over a person with a car to kill?

    At least he has no gun.
    Gun can kill when you are meters away
    Knife takes much more effort ( BUT, YOU MUST BE A PSYCHO to see someone killed by stabbing to death. And he did it a few times)

    With this behavior, he may plea INSANITY.

    BigBadLanlord must be a small person

  16. Your opinion of commenters on SheepsheadBites is duly noted. But, you know, if stay here long enough you’ll become like us…

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