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The Prospect Park Drives Reopen to Traffic


The Prospect Park drives reopened to traffic his morning after being closed during Hurricane Sandy clean-up operations. They had been closed while serving as a staging area for FEMA vehicles. 

While it’s great to know that Sandy recovery is progressing enough to reopen the drives– and while the drivers who have been inconvenienced by the closure welcome their return– the news has been met with some chagrin.

Kees Edelmand responds to the Facebook posting, “I understand but….bummer. It was nice without the daily onslaught.”

Others share agreement with likes and more comments.

“Yeah, I was hoping this might just slide….for good,” says Derek Balcom.

Have you guys been enjoying the car-free drives? Or are you relieved they’re back open? Full disclosure: as a runner on the drive, I’ve been enjoying the lack of traffic.

Photo via The Brooklyn Ink

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  1. I think that the park should be one place where cars are not allowed. I say this as a driver and bicyclist. how about creating a tunnel under the park as a compromise 🙂

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