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The Park Slope Civic Council Hosts First Annual Fundraiser


The Park Slope Civic Council cordially invites you to their first-ever (and with any luck, first annual) Food for Thought fundraiser dinner, which is going to be a farm-to-table foodie fête of delicious community involvement at the Prospect Park Picnic House on Wednesday, October 10th from 6:30 to 9:30.

They write:

The Park Slope Civic Council has long been a vital organization in a strong and growing Park Slope. In recent years, the Civic Council, like so many other organizations, has been affected by our economic downturn. To make sure that this lack of funding won’t stop us from supporting our numerous projects and initiatives throughout the community, we are pleased to announce the Civic Council’s first fundraiser.

Supporting the council + good eats will run you $75 a ticket (before October 1) and $100 a pop (after October 1). What’s that get you? From the Council again:

The event will be a fun night out — guests will be able to sample an array of delicacies and beverages from popular local restaurants while they mingle with their neighbors and learn about the Civic Council’s many contributions to the community. In addition to the food tastings, there will be short presentations made by top chefs, food critics, writers, and movers and shakers in the local farm-to-table food movement. If you appreciate fine food, fine dining, and are passionate about supporting your community, this event it not to be missed!

Not that they’re biased or anything.

But seriously, the restaurant lineup, which features the restaurants you’d expect it to — Stone Park, al di la, Palo Santo, Baluchi’s — looks pretty tasty, and they’ve got a booze roster to match (participating speakers/movers/shakers TBA).

Got 75 bucks and an appetite for civics/baby lamb chops? Tickets are available here.

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