Park Slope

The Little Chicken That Couldn’t: El Pollo’s Out at 291 5th Ave


It looks like El Pollo is no more, based on the “For Lease” sign we noticed in the restaurant’s window today. Judging from the Yelp reviews, the 5th Ave Peruvian joint had a pretty enthusiastic following, although several chicken aficionados noted that the place wasn’t exactly bustling:

“…it’s usually pretty empty, which I think scares a lot of people away from trying it out. Such a shame…”

“Not sure why this place is as empty as it is…”

“I’m always surprised when Song is packed with a 30+ minute wait but El Pollo, right next door, has only a few patrons.”

…I hope this place continues to get business because I would be sad if they closed down!

The time has come: be sad. Or go to Bensonhurst. The 70th Street location remains open.


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