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The Horror Of Flight 587, Seen From Manhattan Beach


Saturday marked the 10th anniversary of the Flight 587 plane crash in Belle Harbor, Queens. On that day – November 12, 2001 – Allan Rosen snapped the above photo from Manhattan Beach, showing the ominous smoke bleeding into the wintry sky. Two months earlier, just after purchasing his first digital camera, Rosen snapped an eerily similar photograph from Woodside, Queens, showing the World Trade Center burning.

American Airlines Flight 587 remains the second deadliest U.S. aviation accident to date, with 265 fatalities. It was an especially traumatic crash, following quickly on the heels of September 11, and raining fire and debris over a community dominated by the families of police officers, firefighters and EMT.

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  1. Does anyone know if there is any marker in Belle Harbor to note the crash site? I remember residents protesting insisting that any memorial be built in Washington Heights where many of the victims relatives who were of Dominican descent lived because they didn’t want people visiting the crash site in their residential neighborhood.

  2. I remember hearing about it on the news right when it happened. went to the rocks in MB and looked to Belle Harbor and it was just a giant fireball on the ground except it was blue and silver mixed with orange… fire must’ve been insanely hot to turn blue silver/white… scary stuff…

  3. I was in a meeting at work that day when we heard about the tragegy. Having been pretty close to the 9/11 site, everyone’s reaction in the room was instantly “not again, NO”.
        Was terrorism absolutely ruled out on this, I never did see the conclusion.

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