The Hester’s Itta Werdiger Roth To Open Permanent Restaurant Location In Prospect Heights


borscht via the hester

If you’re one of the many, many people trying to get into The Hester’s underground supper club events before they’re sold out, you’re in luck–neighbor Itta Werdiger Roth (alias Kate Hester) and a partner are gearing up to open Prospect Heights’ first kosher small plates bar.

The Hester will basically cease to exist as it was,” Itta says, “but we’ll definitely do pop-up events in the restaurant every so often and keep it alive.”

Itta says she thought of any number of awful names for the place, mostly centered around pickles and brine. “I will definitely be pickling stuff,” she says. “The REAL way, fermenting style.”

Now she’s closer to a reasonable name for the restaurant, just deciding between a few Mason jar and other drinking vessel-oriented titles–important since they’ll be serving draught beer, wine, and wine-based cocktails.

Itta says they’re hoping to open at the end of October or early November, so you can finally have your chance to sample her amazing-looking food–albeit outside of The Hester’s home of Ditmas Park.

Photo via The Hester

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