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The Greenmarket Report: Hot, Hot, Hot


Hot Sauce by bkgreenmarkets on Instagram
Want to try to forget the cold? Plan for heat in your meals this week when you go shopping at our local markets this weekend!

At the Grand Army Plaza Greenmarket on Saturday, March 1, check out the hot sauce selection at Evolutionary Organics, then consider all the ways it can kick up some dishes — add it to ketchup or mayo to serve alongside fries or on sandwiches, stir it into a big, long-cooking bowl of chili, make your own sauce for chicken wings, and on and on.

Then on Sunday, March 2 at the Park Slope Farmers Market, consider the kimchi at D&J Organic Farms. Curious how to use the spicy Korean condiment? Use it as a base for fried rice or soup, add it to an omelet, or just enjoy it as a snack when you need to warm up, quick.

Anyone have any favorite spicy recipes?

The GAP Greenmarket runs Saturdays from 8am-4pm at Grand Army Plaza. The Park Slope Farmers Market runs Sundays from 10am-4pm along 4th Street at 5th Ave.

Photo by bkgreenmarkets

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