The Great Gilly Hopkins & More In Prospect Park South This Week


gilly filming no parking sign
Two productions will claim parking on several Prospect Park South blocks this Thursday through Sunday, according to signs posted on Westminster Road from Albemarle to Beverley and Beverley Road from Stratford to Argyle.

The Great Gilly Hopkins, which has filmed a few times previously in the area, is asking that neighbors move their cars by 4pm on Thursday, June 5, ahead of filming on Friday, June 6, Saturday, June 7, and Sunday, June 8.

novo filming no parking sign
You might not have a chance to park on Gilly-affected blocks before then, though, since a “Novo” production is asking neighbors to move their vehicles off some of the same blocks, like Westminster Road, by 1pm on Thursday.

Although Gilly is filming through Sunday, Novo is only expected through Friday. If you normally park in the area, make sure to familiarize yourself with which signs are where and when each crew needs parking.

If your car is moved for Gilly filming, call location manager Trish at 646-262-0871; if it’s for Novo, call Misha at 347-680-0078.

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