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The Cortelyou Superette Crew Moves To The Keystone State


Cortelyou Superette Closed
If you’ve walked by the corner of Cortelyou and Westminster Roads recently, you may have noticed the gates are down at Cortelyou Superette (1120 Cortelyou Road).

We were initially sad to see that increased rent had led Alex and co to close up shop, but we’ve since learned that after their rent was increased in Ditmas Park, they made a successful move to Pennsylvania, and have opened–wait for it–New York Deli. And, no surprise here, they have already gained a loyal following!

Since they’re doing well, we feel okay saying–got any ideas for the space? What would you like to see there? Interested parties can leave ideas in the comments, and/or give Kaloshi Real Estate a call at 718-287-5200 or 347-234-1049.

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  1. “Since they’re doing well, we feel okay saying–got any ideas for the space? What would you like to see there?” Very shady….

  2. Oops, that was a typo. What I meant to say was, “Hooray! Let’s keep the space empty forever!”

  3. No, I think a crappy Chinese restaurant or 99 cents store would show those gentrifiers who is boss.

  4. Perhaps Papa John’s wants to move locales and go toe-to-toe with Dominoes in a battle of disgusting shit clueless people eat for some godforsaken reason.

  5. I would like to see a more upscale Chinese restaurant in that space, better than the ones already on Cortelyou. Or a barbecue place, which is becoming very popular around the City.

  6. Dang. Lot of anger here.

    Would be nice to see a Jamba or local juice bar for more healthy options. Or an awesome sandwich shop.

    Could be nice for a local clothing boutique or a toy store. Maybe a cool toy store with a children’s barber. That might be a fun energy.

  7. Ah, too bad. I liked those guys.

    My vote is for anything EXCEPT another bodega, 99 cent store, cell phone store, or bar.

  8. Doesn’t have to be an upscale Chinese place – just a decent one for basic takeout. Unless I’m missing something, the Chinese delivery places in the area are seriously lacking.

  9. I’ve been wanting Chinese, too. Maybe something like Xi’an Famous Foods? Or, please, a Sichuan place?

  10. Hey Fred,

    What was pretty serious? What was this comment that was deleted? OMG fill us in on the gossip….

  11. Chipotle!!!! or anything clean and tidy – no shabby furniture. Something a little more sleek and trendy. We have enough of the shabby furniture places around here.

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  13. I was just saying what was the truth, i do not in any way see how saying that it was a case of religious profiling at its best be inflammatory? really? ok have fun running your conservative site that hides the truth.

  14. Anything but another bar. Theres literally a bar or a place serving liquor on every block. Something definitely affordable and not from a food chain. Cortelyou Road was like a normal neighborhood with small shops and definitely in favor of minorities. Now all I see is high end places and its a bit upsetting knowing that the stores that were there for 10+ years have to move out.

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